Joanna Gaines Swears By These Laundry Room Essentials

Ever wonder what Joanna Gaines’ favorite area of her farmhouse is? Surprisingly, it’s not her garden. As it turns out, the Fixer Upper guru is actually a big fan of her laundry room. In the Spring 2018 Magnolia Journal issue, Joanna shares why, stating: “I love the challenge of creating inspiration in spaces where I need it most. For me, that’s wherever there’s laundry.”

Ahead, we take a look at some of the laundry room essentials she’s added to every Fixer Upper, including her genius solution for hang drying clothes (page 5). Plus, where she keeps all of her lost socks (page 9), and how she maximizes her space (page 14).

1. An upgraded faucet

Fixer upper farmhouse laundry room

Gaines’ family laundry room | Magnolia Market

If you have a sink in your laundry room Joanna recommends “upgrading your faucet with a pull-down sprayer.” This can add both function and beauty to your laundry space with little effort.

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2. Home decor

Fixer upper farmhouse laundry room

Gaines’ family laundry room | Magnolia Market

One of Joanna’s top tips for laundry room essentials? Add home decor. While there are some must-have laundry room items — to state the obvious: a washer and dryer — some items you might overlook are things like plants, art, and decorative storage.

“Make a room associated with chores feel inspiring by choosing elements that are typically found in living quarters, such as art, plants, pretty lighting, and attractive storage,” writes Joanna in the Spring 2018 issue of Magnolia Journal.

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3. A fresh candle

scented candles

Scented candles | Maya23K/iStock/Getty Images

In addition to home decor, Joanna also believes candles can make a big difference. “Choose a candle with a scent that smells clean or refreshing,” she writes.

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4. Personal touches

Farmhouse laundry room

Gaines’ family laundry room | Magnolia Market

While plants and home decor may add something extra to your laundry area, personal touches make an even bigger impact.

In her laundry room, Joanna has a hand painted sign inspired by Chip’s old wash and fold business. She encourages readers to find ways to incorporate personal touches to their space, too.

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5. A hanging rod

‘Mountain House’ laundry room | Magnolia Market

Joanna knows a thing or two about maximizing small spaces. One of her favorite tricks for getting the most out of your laundry room? Using a hanging rod above the washer and dryer. This can not only save you space, it can help keep hang dry laundry in one area.

In addition, Joanna recommends installing a retractable clothesline in your laundry area. “A retractable clothesline lets you hang clothes when you need it, then it disappears when you don’t.”

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6. A good-looking laundry basket

‘Mountain House’ laundry room | Magnolia Market

Another must-have item? “A good-looking laundry basket that reflects your style.” That way, you can leave it out in the open without it clashing with the room decor and design.

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7. Step stool

Joanna Gaines plants

Do as she says, not as she does. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Step stools are another item on Joanna’s list. “Get to any hard-to-reach space with a cute and practical step stool,” she writes.

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8. Jars

Three mason jars on a wooden table | iStock/Getty Images

Laundry rooms require a lot of practical items like clothespins, buttons, detergent, and more. Joanna recommends storing these items in pretty jars to give them a more aesthetically pleasing appeal.

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9. Lost and found

Pile of Lost Socks

Pile of Lost Socks | slovegrove/iStock/Getty Images

What do you do with all of those missing socks? Create a lost and found basket. That way, you know just where to look when you find matching pairs.

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10. Baskets

Fixer upper workspace

‘The Baker House’ | Magnolia Market

Speaking of baskets, Joanna loves to hide everyday laundry-related in decorative ones. “Any type of basket can hide extra cleaning supplies and still look pretty in your space,” she writes.

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11. Dryer balls

Sheep dryer ball on wooden floor

Dryer balls | miromiro/iStock/Getty Images

Another laundry room essential? Reusable dryer balls. “Dryer balls soften your clothes and reduce drying time,” writes Joanna. “Plus, they’re reusable, so they can stay in the dryer between loads,” writes Joanna.

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12. A folding space

Laundry room folding space fixer upper

‘The Safe Gamble House’ laundry room | Magnolia Market

To maximize your space, Joanna says to “add a folding space with a countertop over your appliances.” This not only gives you a designated workspace, it creates a more put together effect, too.

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13. Hangers

Three beige and one black clothes hangers

Three beige and one black clothes hangers | Lizmyosotis/iStock/Getty Images

Hangers aren’t just for your closet — they’re a laundry room must-have, too. “Hang wet clothes in one space to keep from cluttering the rest of the house,” writes Joanna.

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14. Creative space

Fixer upper laundry room creative space

‘The All American Farmhouse’ laundry room | Magnolia Market

If your laundry room is on the larger side of the spectrum and you don’t know what to do with all the extra space, consider an area that doubles as a workstation. “Maximize the space you have by doubling its capabilities,” writes Joanna. “After you’ve designated a portion of your room for laundry, consider using any leftover space for something different — perhaps as an extra work area,” she adds. “Adding shelves and desk drawers will help keep this spot tidy and organized. Art on the wall warms what could be a sterile space.”

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15. Homemade detergent

Fixer upper laundry room detergent

‘The Graham House’ laundry room | Magnolia Market

Another item Joanna swears by? Homemade laundry detergent. While it may sound intimidating, making your own detergent can be safer and more budget-friendly. Joanna likes to display her homemade laundry detergent in a jar on her laundry room shelf.

Don’t have time for homemade laundry detergent? We get it. Add store-bought powder detergent — or pods — to a jar instead.

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