Joanna Gaines’ New Cookbook, Revealed

If you think because Fixer Upper ended that Joanna and Chip Gaines have retired early, you’re seriously mistaken. Beyond Joanna’s product lines in Target, the couple oversees their magazine called The Magnolia Journal. And they own Magnolia Market, Silos Baking Co., and the restaurant Magnolia Table. Now, Joanna Gaines has come out with her much-anticipated cookbook, Magnolia Table. Click through to find out what you need to know about it.

1. It’s here

Magnolia table cookbook
It’s finally available. | Magnolia

People have been waiting for Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table cookbook forever, according to Delish. Well, it’s finally available and if you preordered it you might already be in your kitchen making those famous Joanna Gaines biscuits. You can get the book from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Target, which is selling an edition with seven bonus recipes.

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2. Gaines takes to Instagram

Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table
There’s a special Target version. | Target via Instagram

Joanna Gaines advertised the book on Instagram, showing a few of the dishes within it in her video. Naturally, the video pictures her sitting against a white, subway tile wall. The cookbook offers readers recipes that they might have tried at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ restaurant in Waco, Texas, called Magnolia table. The book also includes recipes from the couples’ Silos Baking Co.

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3. Gaines’ family recipes

Gaines family dinner
It celebrates her family’s favorites. | Joanna Stevens Gaines via Instagram

Gaines’ cookbook focuses not only on recipes from the couple’s two eateries, Silos Baking Co. and Magnolia Table, but also on the Gaines family favorites. With 125 recipes inside, plus stories and photos about Joanna’s personal life, it’s a treasure trove of all things Gaines. Popular recipes include dishes including white cheddar bisque, chicken pot pie, and fried chicken with sticky poppy seed jam.

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4. Gaines’ favorite recipe

Chip and Joanna Gaines cookbook
She loves her biscuit recipe. | Target via Instagram

In her blog, Gaines talked about the book before it came out. She mentioned that her personal favorite at Magnolia Table — and in her book — is the biscuits. Gaines said she spent almost every weekend for a year perfecting the recipe, trying each one out on Chip and the kids. If you can’t make it to Waco, Texas, to try them, by all means, make them at home.

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5. Gaines asks readers to show and tell

Joanna Gaines green beans
She wants to see what you make. | Magnolia Market

Gaines also asked readers to share any recipes they make from the book. In her blog, she told fans that if they try anything, she wants to see the results. If you have the book and want to show Gaines what you made, just tag @joannagaines or @magnoliamaket in your pictures on social media.

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6. Gaines shared some recipes early

Joanna Gaines mac and cheese
All the recipes look delicious. | Magnolia Market

Before the book came out, Gaines graciously shared two of its recipes on her Dec. 18, 2017, blog. She gave the recipe for green beans amandine, which would have been a perfect accompaniment to any holiday meal — and total prep time is only 15 minutes. She also shared the recipe for Becki’s mac and cheese, which would, um, be the perfect accompaniment to just about any meal.

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7. Gaines wasn’t always a fabulous cook

Joanna Gaines making pizza
Chip was not a fan of her cooking at first. | Magnolia Market

According to People, Joanna Gaines never set out to have a cookbook. “I never set out to get the opportunity to share my recipes with the world,” said Gaines. “That was never something that I put down as a dream.” Perhaps that’s because her first attempt at cooking for Chip didn’t go so well, a story that’s in the book. When Joanna made her mom’s spaghetti for Chip, he apparently wasn’t crazy about it because it wasn’t his mom’s spaghetti.

“I almost choked on my noodles,” Gaines wrote in the cookbook. “That first time that I cooked dinner for Chip and he really ticked me off, that set me back a little bit but then eventually I got over it and was like, ‘Hey, I mean I gotta try my hand at this,’” said Gaines.

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