Joanna Gaines Reveals the Random Foods She’s Craving Most During Her Pregnancy, Plus Chip’s Sympathy Cravings

While Joanna Gaines has been relatively quiet about her pregnancy, she has had a hard time keeping her pregnancy cravings to herself. In fact, the soon-to-be mom of five has taken to social media, as well as her blog, to voice a number of different foods she — and Chip — can’t stop thinking about.

From the one food that settles her cravings (page 5) to her current must-have breakfast beverage (page 9), we share the random foods Joanna Gaines is craving most during her pregnancy — plus, Chip’s sympathy cravings (page 12) — ahead.

1. Fruity Pebbles

Joanna Gaines pregnancy

Joanna Gaines has had a lot of random cravings. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Joanna Gaines has had her fair share of random late-night cravings. The Fixer Upper star took to Instagram to share some of these cravings and included popular breakfast item, Fruity Pebbles in the mix.

Next: We want her recipe for this one.

2. Chicken spaghetti

Chicken Spaghetti

She’s been craving some chicken spaghetti. | Ravsky/iStock/Getty Images

Another late-night craving Joanna shared with followers: chicken spaghetti. We’re not exactly sure what recipe she is referring to, but her version is probably delicious (and hopefully included in her new cookbook, Magnolia Table).

Next: She’s also craving cheese.

3. Pimiento cheese sandwich

Pimento Cheese Spread on Bagel

She loves these sandwiches. | Warren_Price/iStock/Getty Images

In addition to Fruity Pebbles and chicken spaghetti, Joanna has also admitted to craving pimento cheese sandwiches. Made with sharp yellow cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, pimientos, onion, mustard, and cayenne pepper, the spicy cheese sandwich may sound strange, but it’s actually delicious.

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4. Deviled eggs

Devilled eggs on blue plate

She’s craving this appetizer. | katyenka/iStock/Getty Images

Another random late-night craving? Deviled eggs. Made by removing the yolks from hard-boiled eggs and mashing them with mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, and spices, we don’t blame her for craving the tasty appetizer.

Next: The one salad dressing she can’t get enough of.

5. Ranch dressing

Ranch dressing in ceramic ramekin

She probably can use the dressing on lots of things. | vikif/iStock/Getty Images

Let’s be honest: Ranch dressing tastes good on pretty much anything (OK, maybe not everything, but close enough). So, it’s no wonder it’s one of Joanna’s top pregnancy cravings.

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6. Chocolate chip cookies

Joanna Gaines cookies

She uses her own recipe for fresh cookies. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Despite listing off her random late night pregnancy cravings, Joanna didn’t give into any of them — not because she had the willpower, but because she didn’t have the ingredients.

That said, she did happen to have ingredients for homemade chocolate chip cookies on hand. Instead of stuffing her face with pimiento cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs, she made a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies using the recipe from her new cookbook.

Next: She’s also craving items from her restaurant, Magnolia Table.

7. Pancakes


She’s obsessed with the Magnolia pancakes. |

In a Magnolia blog post, Joanna shared some of her current Magnolia Table pregnancy cravings. At the top of her list? The Pancake Breakfast. The buttermilk pancakes come with two eggs any style, thick cut peppered bacon and housemade tater tots — yum!

Next: We’re craving this Magnolia Table lunch item, too.

8. Chicken salad sandwich

"A Creamy Chicken Salad Sandwich with Red Peppers, Cucumber, Lettuce and Tomato on a Croissant -

Magnolia Table’s brunch menu has a chicken salad sandwich. |

In addition to breakfast, Joanna is also craving lunch, specifically Our Favorite Chicken Salad Sandwich from Magnolia Table’s brunch menu. Made with white meat chicken, red grapes, toasted pecans, mayonnaise, and chives, and served with butter lettuce on a toasted croissant, this menu item is making our mouths water, too.

Next: A unique spin on a classic breakfast drink.

9. Lavender latte

A cafe latte

She drinks Magnolia’s lavender latte. | Christopher Jue/Getty Images

On top of food, Joanna is also craving some beverages, too. And while she loves Magnolia Table’s signature juices, it’s the lavender latte that is currently tugging at her taste buds. Magnolia Table offers a variety of popular breakfast and brunch beverages — such as, coffee, espresso, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and drip coffee — that can be customized with add-in lavender, caramel, or vanilla flavoring.

Next: Another lunch item she can’t get enough of.

10. Gaines Bros Burger

Tasty grilled burger

A burger is one of her favorite lunch dishes. | id-art/ Images

Another one of Joanna’s favorite lunch dishes? The Gaines Bros Burger. Made with grass-fed beef, melted havarti cheese, arugula, and tomatoes on a brioche bun, the gourmet burger is a must-have for the future mom of five.

Next: She adds this to the Gaines Bros Burger.

11. Jalapeño drip jam

Jalapeno peppers sit on a counter top

She’s craving some spice. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

In addition to the toppings, the Gaines Bros Burger comes with either a bacon onion jam or jalapeño drip jam. Joanna currently can’t get enough spice and loves to add the jalapeño drip jam to the lunch item.

Next: Could Chip be experiencing sympathy cravings?

12. Farm Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs benedict brunch

Chip Gaines is craving eggs Benedict. |

Chip also has some favorite Magnolia Table menu items. And while he has yet to confirm whether or not these are actually just sympathy cravings, they’re as random as Joanna’s pregnancy cravings.

First on his list of favorites: The Farm Eggs Benedict. Made with two of Joanna’s famous buttermilk biscuits topped with poached eggs and thick cut peppered bacon with a drizzle of hollandaise sauce, the breakfast staple is a must-have.

Next: Chip might prefer these over french fries

13. Tater tots

Tater Tots & Ketchup

Magnolia Table makes its own tater tots. |

Unlike the rest of us, Magnolia Table doesn’t use frozen tater tots as a side dish — they make their own, instead. The house-made tater tots come with many of the items on Magnolia Table’s menu and are a current favorite of Chip’s.

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14. Bacon and eggs

fried eggs and bacon slices

One of Chip’s breakfast choices is bacon and eggs. | Magone/iStock/Getty Images

On top of the lunch side dish, Chip is also craving a more classic menu item with a special twist: The bacon and eggs for the table. The breakfast choice comes with deviled eggs and brown sugar pepper bacon drizzled in Joanna’s favorite, jalapeño drip jam.

Next: He’s also craving his own creations.

15. Chip’s Ham Sandwich

Joanna and Chip Gaines sitting on front step

The ham sandwich has won over its namesake. | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

Chip’s Ham Sandwich has won hearts over, including his own. Listed as a featured item on the Magnolia Table menu, the breakfast-style sandwich comes with sliced ham, melted cheddar, and scrambled eggs on a croissant.

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