Here’s How Joanna Gaines Sets Her Thanksgiving Table

Joanna Gaines, to many, is a design queen. And there’s no better person to take design advice from than someone who has poured her heart into her television show, owns a home décor line, and runs a construction and remodeling business with her husband. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Joanna Gaines has finally let us all in on exactly how she styles her dinner table for the big day. Spoiler alert: Fake plants (a Gaines favorite) are involved.

Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines discussed her Thanksgiving table decor. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

She loves to layer

When it comes to decorating homes on Fixer Upper, Gaines is always mixing and matching different patterns. And the same goes for her own Thanksgiving table. She wrote on her blog that layering different looks helps to bring the entire table together. “I’m a big believer of blending styles in general,” she writes. She starts with a rustic wood charger and tops it with modern-looking plates for nice contrast. This year’s table features vintage silverware and glassware. Copper napkin rings make even the simplest napkins look a bit more meaningful.

Gaines incorporates both faux and fresh greenery

Anyone who has watched the Gaines family on HGTV knows the homes are always filled with plush greenery. But believe it or not, most of that greenery is fake. And Gaines carries that secret trick to her Thanksgiving table. When it came to the table centerpiece, Gaines said she started with a table runner as a foundation. Then, she added in copper candlesticks to bring some height to the centerpiece. And finally, she ran faux olive garland along the table runner. She noted that weaving the garland in between the candles would add movement to the table. She chose greenery because it cools down the warm tones of the table settings. But Gaines also noted that she’s not opposed to using fresh greenery, either.

She notes the centerpiece shouldn’t be too high

One thing Gaines suggests is that a centerpiece shouldn’t be too high. A high centerpiece not only divides the table but also makes it difficult for people to see each other and hold conversations. And Thanksgiving, a holiday full of friends and family, should have plenty of opportunity for conversation. (The tall, thin candlesticks Gaines added are what elevates the centerpiece just enough without blocking anyone’s view.)

Despite loving Thanksgiving, Gaines gets into the Christmas spirit early

Gaines is one of those people who goes all-out for every holiday. She adores Thanksgiving and any opportunity to bring her family together. But she noted on her Instagram that she is already in the Christmas spirit. Gaines posted a video to her Instagram story (video stories disappear after 24 hours) that was clearly playing Christmas music in the background. The caption read, “I’m not complaining!” and explained that her sister couldn’t wait for December to start playing Christmas music.

Gaines recently gave birth to her fifth child with husband, Chip, and this will be the baby’s first Christmas, so it’s no secret why Gaines might be more excited this year than ever.

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