Joanna Gaines Reveals How She Sets Her Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving dinner table

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One fun thing about the holidays is decorating your home. Most would agree a Thanksgiving gathering isn’t complete without a festive table. In Joanna Gaines’ blog, she recently discussed how much she enjoys decorating her Thanksgiving table. Read on to learn how Joanna Gaines sets her Thanksgiving table.

Something old and something new

Joanna believes a set dining table is just as important as having good food during the Thanksgiving holiday. The mom of five takes holiday decorating seriously. One design touch she likes to incorporate is mixing old and new pieces into her holiday decorations:

There are two things that I think truly welcome the season of entertaining: good food and a set dining table. I really believe the table should be a reflection of the celebration, and I love dressing up my Thanksgiving table with pieces both old and new. I typically like to start with a minimal table and incorporate a lot of texture on top—usually in the form of a runner, napkins and the centerpiece.

Mix and match

Holiday table design doesn’t have to be uniform. You’re free to be as creative as you want. Joanna recommends mixing and matching different design elements. This creates an interesting visual presentation. “I’m a big believer in blending styles in general—especially when it comes to setting the table. Layering contrasting looks like rustic chargers with modern plates, antique flatware and vintage-inspired glassware, gives the table some character and makes for an interesting overall aesthetic,” said Joanna in her blog.

Put your table runner to good use

You have plenty of options when it comes to using a table runner to design your dinner table. Joanna suggests giving a table runner some pop by incorporating several design pieces. Instead of the runner being the center of attention, it can provide a canvas for your decorations.

Starting with a simple, neutral table runner makes for a good foundation that you can easily build on. I chose a linen runner and paired it with copper candlesticks in varying heights. Then, I ran faux olive garland through them to add movement and color across the table. I also love to use fresh greenery on my tablescape. When we’re gathering around the table I like to keep the centerpiece low, this way guests can easily see everyone at the table and there is plenty of room to place the food. The green in the garland really balances out the warm tones on the table and helps bring everything to life.

Don’t forget the mantel

Another part of the home Joanna loves to decorate is the mantel. She tells her blog readers it’s a chance to not only add warmth to your living space but also showcase your personal style. “To me, fireplaces have always symbolized a feeling of home and warmth, which makes them one of my favorite architectural features in a home. While a fireplace typically makes a statement on its own, I like to consider the mantel as a blank canvas where you can highlight your personality and design style,” said Joanna in her column.

Now that you’re armed with Joanna Gaines’ holiday decorating tips, you can wow your friends and family. Happy decorating!

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