Kitchen Design Elements Christina El Moussa Is Obsessed With

Christina El Moussa is a real estate investor and TV personality who’s known for her HGTV show, Flip or Flop. More recently, she’s known for hosting the show with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa. If you’ve been searching for a show to simultaneously fuel your need for both real estate and romance drama, it’s the show for you.

El Moussa has some great interior design taste, especially when it comes to the kitchens she redoes. Read on for a look at the kitchen design elements she’s obsessed with.

1. Bringing the backsplash all the way up

christinaelmoussa via Instagram

A kitchen with a tall backsplash | christinaelmoussa via Instagram

Gone are the days of keeping your kitchen backsplash just a foot or two above your counters. Make your kitchen feel longer and taller by bringing a monochrome tiled backsplash all the way up from your counters to the ceiling. In this particular kitchen, El Moussa used small dark grey rectangle tiles to draw the eye up and make the space look larger.

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2. Timeless stainless steel

christinaelmoussa via Instagram

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances | christinaelmoussa via Instagram

A lot of home owners are concerned with keeping their decor timeless. And understandably so, because “timeless” is a lot cheaper than redoing your kitchen every few years. Take a tip from El Moussa and use stainless steel for your major appliances. Stainless steel is durable, sleek, and will look good for years to come.

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3. All white

Want a clean, sleek, timeless kitchen? Make (almost) everything white! El Moussa loves white kitchens. She mixes up patterns and textures but keeps the main color white pretty often in the kitchen. The fun part is choosing bright accessories to add a pop of color as the seasons change. This home was accessorized with bright yellow, teal, and green accents throughout.

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4. Keeping things simple

christinaelmoussa via Instagram

A kitchen with clean lines | christinaelmoussa via Instagram

One of El Moussa’s general design rules is to keep things simple. Kitchens especially, she likes to keep wide open and not very busy. In this particular kitchen she kept things simple with just two lights above the island, only a fruit bowl for decor, and a muted earth tones color scheme.

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5. Spicing up your ceiling

christinaelmoussa via Instagram

A kitchen with wood on the ceiling | christinaelmoussa via Instagram

Ceilings don’t have to be left white and boring. Putting flooring on the ceiling has been gaining popularity as of late, and it’s a fun way to draw the eye upwards and give your home that little something extra. El Moussa is no stranger to putting flooring on the ceiling. In this home she used a ceiling that was slightly different from the floor, which helps to vary the design.

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6. Earth tones

christinaelmoussa via Instagram

A kitchen that uses earth tones | christinaelmoussa via Instagram

El Moussa isn’t known for bright, bold kitchens. If anything, her kitchens all give off an incredibly relaxing feel. She does that mostly by using earth tones. In this kitchen, the soft wood compliments the white cabinetry, grey cabinets and tile, and muted blue backsplash.

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7. Gold in the kitchen

christinaelmoussa via Instagram

A kitchen with gold accents | christinaelmoussa via Instagram

Gold may come and go as a trend, but it is El Moussa approved (even in the kitchen). She posted this photo to her Instagram page that read “Kitchen #goals.” The photo features a mostly white kitchen (no surprises there), with wood accents, and a few gold accessories.

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