These Last Names May Reveal That You Have Royal Blood

Most of us don’t know all the details of our entire family tree. But you may have some suspicions about your ancestors, even if you don’t know much about your genealogy. For instance, certain last names can reveal a lot about you — including whether you have any royal blood in your veins. In fact, the right surname in the depths of your family tree could link you to a noble and aristocratic family.

Read on to discover the last names that could reveal some links to royalty in your family tree.

What’s in a last name?

the british royal family in formal dress at a state function

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As Quartz reports, surnames were first adopted by the upper classes in England in the 11th century. A family’s status in society can persist for centuries. And many of those original last names — including Baskerville, Darcy, Montgomery, Neville, Percy, and Talbot — ” have persisted at the very top of society for generations.” Such last names indicate that you came from a wealthy family. But some surnames also reveal royal blood.

The Tab reports that you may be able to find a link just by looking for last names associated with royalty in your family tree. The British aristocracy has a famously complex system for names. But the family trees of prominent families are well-recorded. “By tracing back someone with an aristocratic-sounding name you might find a link to a titled family,” The Tab explains.

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