Live Like the Cast of ‘Mad Men’ With Target’s New Mid-Century Modern Collection

Target has been revamping their signature brands, getting rid of old favorites — Mossimo, Merona, and Cherokee — and introducing 12 new brands. One of these new brands? Project 62, which is available online and at Target stores. The collection is a mid-century modern fan’s dream. We’ve gathered our favorites for you to get a sneak peak, ahead.

Esters wood arm chair husk

Target armchair
$229.99 | Target

This chair would make a great addition to any living room, office, or bedroom. Its wood frame and beige upholstery are neutral enough that they won’t compete with any of your existing furniture. And the modern yet relaxed feel will give an effortless look to your home. With an average review of four stars, this is a favorite among customers.

Span 3-head metal floor lamp

Target floor lamp
$129.99 | Target

Perfect for an office or library, this floor lamp comes in brass or brushed nickel. The three separate lamp heads allow you to move each separately, and the marble base adds a cool, modern touch.

Artificial plant in a large stand

Target plant
$49.99 | Target

Add greenery to your space without the hassle of having to keep a plant alive. The white ceramic container pops against the black hardware, making this simple design stand out. Set it by a fireplace, next to a desk, or group this plant together with any real plants you have.

Hello goodbye doormat

hello goodbye map
$12.99 | Target

Get yourself a double-duty doormat. Guests will receive a proper welcome and farewell with this design-forward mat. Another standout item from the Project 62 collection, this mat has an average review of 5-stars. Reviewers say, “Every household needs this. It is so nice and just worth it.”

Loring 4 shelf trestle bookcase

Target bookshelf
$99.99 | Target

Take advantage of the space you have in your home by going vertical with your storage solutions. This bookcase comes in two colors and would make the perfect addition to a small office area. Stock the shelves with books, varying textures, and maybe a plant or two.

Framed abstract watercolor wall canvas

Target painting
$34.99 | Target

Art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Case in point? This abstract watercolor painting for $34.99 at Target. The gold foil details on this 24 x 24 canvas give it added dimension. The Project 62 collection has many prints and canvases to choose from to suit your taste.

Queen loring bed

Target bed framed
$349.99 | Target

Make a statement in your bedroom with this oak headboard and metal frame. Vintage oak wood gives this minimalist piece some warmth while still keeping the modern feel. If you’re looking for a headboard and bed frame to transition with you and your changing style, this is the bed for you.

Round woven basket

Target wastebasket
$20 | Target

Bring texture to your home with woven baskets. These baskets, available in six colors, make great storage solutions. Store toys, blankets, or mail in one for a quick cleanup before you have guests over.

Cereal bowls

$19.99 | Target

The beauty of these 17-ounce cereal bowls lies in their simplicity. You can easily add them to nearly any style of kitchen, even if you’re not a big fan of mid-century modern design. The branch-like details make these seem like much more than a Target find. Plus, they’re microwave and dishwasher safe, too.