Love ‘This Is Us’? Then You Can’t Miss These Amazing Facts About the Homes of the Pearson Family

This Is Us invites millions of viewers into the Pearson family’s home every week. Audiences see their home change over time as their three children grow up.

Ahead, find out where the crew gets their inspiration for the set and which other TV family has lived in Randall’s home.

Being authentic is important

Pearson house this is us

Those vintage details have to look authentic. | NBC

The crew constantly faces the challenge of staying true to Pittsburgh in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. An authentic home was found by location manager, Duffy Taylor, and production designer, Gary Frutkoff. “The Pittsburgh house we found has no palm trees around it and it’s made out of old asbestos shingle [siding], which is rare anywhere now,” Frutkoff told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. But that doesn’t mean the crew gets the set right every time.

Viewers call out mistakes

Rebecca pearson with muffin

In reality, Rebecca would have been out of luck. | NBC

Pittsburgh audiences are quick to point out mistakes. During one episode, Rebecca walked to a liquor store close to her home to buy Twinkies and muffins. Set decorator Beth Wooke said there was “so much discussion that there were no snacks in liquor stores,” because in Pittsburgh liquor is sold separately from food. “I do get fixated on little details like that and they drive me crazy, but I just have to hope only Pittsburghers know those things,” Wooke told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The crew meticulously designed Rebecca and Jack’s home

Pearson house this is us

The house transformed through the decades. | NBC

Production designer, Gary Frutkoff, told Architectural Digest that they designed Rebecca and Jack’s home “from the ground up.” In fact, their home went through the most changes of any set on the show. “We aged the walls, and put up crayon marks or scrapes.[…] We really changed eras, we had to be accurate, and we really wanted to see a change,” Frutkoff said.

The set decorator took inspiration from her own family

The house had real-life inspiration. | NBC

Set decorator, Beth Wooke, used her Pittsburgh roots (she lived there until the age of 10) to help her with decorating. Wooke called her aunt and uncle who still live in Pittsburgh. They provided her with old pictures of their home and children from the 1980s.

Wooke told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “I can go through old family photos and find references to what kind of furniture is appropriate. I wasn’t intimidated at all about going back in time because I had lived it. I just have to go shopping now and find it all.”

Randall and Beth’s house is perfect for a reason

Randall Pearson's home

Their home reflects their personalities. | NBC

Search “Randall Pearson living room” on Google, and you’ll get more than seven million results. Randall’s home is perfectly in order, much like him. His home, where nothing is out of place, mirrors Randall’s drive to reach perfection. “I think part of Randall is always trying to fight what he grew up in. From early on, he was after success and trying to define himself,” Frutkoff told Architectural Digest.

Beth and Randall are great interior designers

Randall's Kitchen This Is Us

It feels warm but elegant. | NBC

Frutkoff went off the idea of Beth and Randall decorating their home themselves. They chose the mustard yellow color for their foyer and the deep red for their kitchen. Frutkoff explained Randall and Beth’s home is meant to feel high-end but comfortable. Now, Beth and Randall’s taste is so sought-after that publications are teaching readers how to recreate their style.

Randall’s house is a private residence

Randall Pearson This Is Us

You might recognize the home from Seventh Heaven. | NBC

Beth and Randall’s home is a family’s real home in Altadena, California. And if the house looks familiar to you, you probably watched Seventh Heaven. The Camden family of Seventh Heaven called the massive colonial home from 1996-2007.

Kate’s home hasn’t changed

Kate This Is Us Home

We see less of Kate’s home than the others. | NBC

Since the show’s pilot, Kate’s L.A. home has remained the same. But the crew infused nods to Kate’s Pittsburgh upbringing with the L.A. style in her home. “We wanted to get the essence of L.A. there and juxtapose it with the earthiness and contextual quality of the Pittsburgh house,” Dan Bishop, production designer, explained to Architectural Digest.