An Inside Look at ‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore’s Stunning Home Renovation

After a year of renovations and design decisions, This Is Us star Mandy Moore finally received the greenlight to move into her Los Angeles fixer upper.

From choosing the right color palette (page 3) to the stunning kitchen renovation (page 5) to her insanely organized pantry (page 7), Moore shared the entire HGTV-worthy experience on her Instagram from start to finish and we’re just as excited as she is about the finished project.

Take an inside look at Mandy Moore’s dream home, ahead.

1. The house was built in 1950

Mandy Moore living room
It’s a classic mid-century modern style home. | Emily Farnham via Instagram

Mandy Moore and her fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith purchased the 3,500-square-foot mid-century modern home — built by architect Harold Zook in 1950 — in early 2017. That said, it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for design-wise, so the couple hired interior designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel and architect, Emily Farnham to help turn the Los Angeles abode into their dream home.

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2. A lot of the renovations and decor were inspired by the ‘70s

Mandy Moore bathroom
It still has a retro feel. | Emily Farnham via Instagram

Despite being built in the ‘50s, most of the renovations and home decor are inspired by popular ‘70s design trends. Especially when it comes to the light fixtures and furniture.

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3. The color palette

Mandy Moore color palette
The color palette is light and dreamy. | Mandy Moore via Instagram

To tie everything together (and give her home a more cohesive, put together feel), Moore and her design team stuck to a color palette of white, gold, dusty rose, black, and Earth tones like sage, evergreen, and golden brown.

They also added a variety of textures, including lots of marble, stone slabs, velvet, brass fixtures, and rope wall hangings.

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4. The furniture

Mandy Moore couch
Even the furniture has a ’70s twist. | Sarah Sherman Samuel via Instagram

Keeping in line with the vintage vibes, Samuel selected unique furniture pieces that are modern with a ‘70s twist. Case in point: The gorgeous built-in velvet couches in Moore’s library.

In addition, she also selected a variety of tables and chairs that fit within the color palette and design trends
chosen throughout the house.

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5. The kitchen

Mandy Moore kitchen
The waterfall island is to die for. | Emily Farnham via Instagram

The kitchen saw a full demo and renovation with gorgeous marble countertops, sage-colored cabinets, all new stainless steel appliances, and a stunning waterfall island made from calacatta venato marble.

In addition to stainless steel, Samuel and Farnham incorporated bits of brushed brass throughout the kitchen design with light fixtures, cabinet drawer pulls, and a gorgeous sink faucet.

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6. The guest room

Mandy Moore guest room
She kept the light, airy feel. | Sarah Sherman Samuel via Instagram

For the guest room, Samuel let key pieces — like this Anthropologie bed — do the talking and stuck with a theme of brass, wood, dusty rose, and white. To balance out the vintage vibes, she selected modern side tables from CB2 and then tied everything together with a geometric rug.

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7. The pantry

Mandy Moore pantry
Don’t you just feel calmer looking at this? | Mandy Moore via Instagram

When it came to her home renovation, no room was off-limits — including, the pantry. Moore hired organizing extraordinaires, The Home Edit to help get everything in order and create a space for everything.

While we doubt she keeps it as neat and organized as the photo, the paper towel display, glass water bottles, and spice racks are so satisfying to look at.

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8. The bathrooms

Mandy Moore sinks
This bathroom is a perfect representation of the stunning home. | Sarah Sherman Samuel via Instagram

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom renovations are some of the most spectacular — read: swoon-worthy — aspects of the house. This bathroom (pictured) in particular captures the design elements seen throughout the house with a gorgeous marble countertop, wood cabinets, brass accents, and ‘70s-inspired light fixtures and mirrors.

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