Marijuana: 15 Cities With the Most Pot Users

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

San Francisco | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Percentage of marijuana users: 15.46%

Colorado might have the highest percentage of pot users on a statewide basis, but California has the highest rate when it comes to sheer numbers. According to 24/7 Wall St., the state boasts more than 4.6 million cannabis users, the highest number of any state in the nation. The state does have some of the largest variations in pot use by region, but San Francisco’s place at the No. 1 spot is truly impressive. Not only is the percentage the highest in the country — and beats out the No. 2 spot by almost a whole percentage point — but its population makes that an especially impressive feat.

San Francisco is in the Top 15 largest U.S. cities by population, with more than 805,000 residents. To get the highest percentage of pot use, it means that the weed culture must be especially pervasive throughout the city. To put that rate in perspective, an estimated 124,500 people are frequently using pot at any given time within the city limits.

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