There’s Only 1 Demographic That Still Thinks Marijuana Should Be Illegal

A senior citizens listen to Republican Sen. Marco Rubio at a rally

Senior citizens listen to Republican Sen. Marco Rubio at a rally | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Going forward, there is a great deal at stake for marijuana legalization supporters. Attitudes, however, are continuing to shift in their favor. As has been reported previously — for several ongoing years now — the sentiment around marijuana is changing very quickly among Americans. Whereas only a decade or so ago legalization was but a pipe dream, we have a handful of states in which adults can literally walk into a storefront and purchase cannabis.

Now that the post-election dust has settled, four additional states have legal pot (assuming they get to keep it). As far as we can tell, voters acted on their shifting attitudes.

There are still large numbers of people staunchly opposed to the concept of legalization. Although states, such as Washington and Colorado, have benefited greatly from ending cannabis prohibition — just take a look at the tax revenues and the number of jobs that have been created in the past few years — a lot of people are still expressing concern. But even the doubters’ ranks have been eroding as of late. Groups that were traditionally against legalization — Republicans, mostly — are coming around.

According to a new public poll from Pew Research, public support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high. But there is one group of people who are still holding out.

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