Marvel Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

If you’re a big fan of one or more Marvel movies, then you’d probably jump at the chance to see the sets where the action played out. We hate to break it to you, but many Marvel movie locations are nothing more than sound stages. But fortunately, plenty of others are locations that you can actually visit in real life.

Below, check out the Marvel movie locations that you can actually visit, including one important place featured in Black Panther on page 9.

1. Culver University

University of Toronto building

Want to visit Bruce Banner’s place of work? Go to the University of Toronto. | University of Toronto via Instagram

  • MovieThe Incredible Hulk
  • Location: Toronto

The Incredible Hulk‘s Bruce Banner works as a nuclear physicist and biochemist at Culver University in Willowdale, California. But Mental Floss reports that the film used the campus of the University of Toronto for the fictional school. And the crew used shots of Morningside Park in Scarborough, Ontario, for the university’s quad. In fact, as Mental Floss notes, the park served as the main filming location for General “Thunderbolt” Ross’s attack on the Hulk.

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2. Forests of Asgard

Kangaroo jumping in the outback of Australia

Head to Australia for this location. | Ian Waldie/Getty Images

  • MovieThor: Ragnarok
  • Location: South East Queensland

One of the most beautiful Marvel movie locations appeared in Thor: Ragnarok as Heimdall leads a group of refugees through the forests of Asgard. They’re on their way to find sanctuary in the mountains. Mental Floss reports that though the crew filmed much of this movie on soundstages in Australia, they did shoot outdoors for the Asgardian forests and waterfalls. They shot those scenes in Tamborine National Park and Cedar Creek Falls in South East Queensland.

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3. HYDRA Research Base

The pack rides with the Fort of Bard in the background during the 14th stage of the Tour of Italy cycling race

Check out the Forte di Bard for exterior shots of the research base. | Luk Benies/AFP/Getty Images

  • MovieAvengers: Age of Ultron
  • Location: Bard, Aosta Valley, Italy

Fans will recall that at the beginning of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the superhero team fights their way through a forest in the fictional nation of Sokovia. They are trying to retrieve a Chitauri Scepter and the Mind Infinity Stone from inside the HYDRA research base, according to Mental Floss. The castle-like research base is actually Forte di Bard in Bard, Aosta Valley in Italy. The crew used Forte di Bard for the exterior shots of the research base, and England’s Dover Castle for the interior shots.

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4. Midtown High School

Midtown high school in Spider-Man: Homecoming

This high school is actually in Brooklyn, New York. | Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

  • MovieSpider-Man: Homecoming
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia and Brooklyn, New York

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker attends Midtown High School in Forest Hills, Queens. Mental Floss reports that the production team chose two locations to shoot the school. They used Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn, New York, for exterior shots of the fictional high school. And they selected Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia, for interior shots at the school.

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5. Milgrom Hotel

Paul Rudd in Ant-Man

The Milgrom Hotel is actually low-income housing in real life. | Marvel Studios

  • MovieAnt-Man
  • Location: San Francisco, California

Mental Floss reports that after he gets out of prison, Scott Lang moves into his former cellmate’s apartment at the Milgrom Hotel in Ant-Man. The publication identifies the historic Riviera Hotel on Jones Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District as the location for those shots. The property came into being as a luxury hotel in 1907. But it currently serves as low-income housing.

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6. Old Royal Naval College

A crowd of pedestrians crosses a street in downtown Greenwich, London, on July 23, 2012, four days ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Greenwich is hosting all of the equestrian events of the summer Olympics.

Thor gave away his movie location when he asks a subway rider how to get to Greenwich. | John Macdougall/AFP/Getty Images

  • MovieThor: The Dark World
  • Location: Greenwich, London

Mental Floss reports that in Thor: The Dark World, the battle between Thor and the Dark Elf Malekith happens at Old Royal Naval College. The campus is located on the south bank of the Thames in Greenwich, London. And the publication notes that Thor even gives away this Marvel movie location in the movie. He asks a confused subway rider how to get to Greenwich.

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7. Randy’s Donuts

A crowd gathers outside of Randy's Donuts to watch the space shuttle Endeavour

You can visit the real Randy’s Donuts today. | David McNew/Getty Images

  • MovieIron Man 2
  • Location: Inglewood, California

Fans of Iron Man 2 will remember the scene when Tony Stark — still decked out in his Iron Man armor — lounges inside the huge donut on top of Randy’s Donuts. Nick Fury then appears to talk with Stark about the Avengers Initiative. Mental Floss reports that the film used the exterior of the real Randy’s Donuts location in Inglewood, California. Meanwhile, the interior shots for the scene happened at Yum Yum Donuts in Playa del Rey.

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8. Stark Industries

Iron Man

Yes, you can really visit the location of Stark Industries. | Marvel

  • MovieIron Man
  • Location: Irvine, California

After three months of captivity at the hands of a terrorist group, Iron Man‘s Tony Stark returns to the United States and holds a press conference at Stark Industries headquarters in Los Angeles. Mental Floss reports that the crew filmed the scene at the headquarters for Masimo, a medical technologies company in Irvine. The offices have also appeared in other movies, such as Transformers and Dodgeball. 

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9. Warrior Falls

View of a damaged bridge at the Iguazu Falls

These falls are breathtaking, and you can see them for yourself. | Norberto Duarte/AFP/Getty Images

  • MovieBlack Panther
  • Location: Iguazu Falls, South America

Mental Floss reports that if you want to become the king of Wakanda, you have to challenge the current king to ritual combat at Warrior Falls. The close-ups and action footage featured in Black Panther were filmed on a soundstage in Atlanta, Georgia. But as the publication notes, establishing and wide shots were filmed at Iguazu Falls. These South American waterfalls are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

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10. Xandar Plaza

Passengers wait at the Liege-Guillemins railway station during a spontaneous strike

Guardians of the Galaxy fans, you’ll definitely want to check out this location. | Eric Lalmand/AFP/Getty Images

  • MovieGuardians of the Galaxy
  • Location: Liège, Belgium

There are few Marvel movie locations that you can actually visit from Guardians of the Galaxy. But as Mental Floss notes, the crew did use a few real-life landmarks and buildings during the filming of this movie. Most notably, they used the Liège-Guillemins Railway Station — located in Liège, Belgium — for the centerpiece of Xandar Plaza. It’s that plaza “where the group of alien misfits are arrested at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy,” Mental Floss notes.

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