Meet the Heroes and Victims of the Florida School Shooting

On February 14, 2018, the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left the community of Parkland, Fla. and the entire country reeling in despair. Killing 17 people, the gunman spared no mercy as he tore through the school on his deadly path.

In the wake of the tragedy, let’s remember the many heroes and victims whose lives were lost, and will never, ever be forgotten.

1. Alyssa Alhadeff

  • 14 years old, student

Alyssa Alhadeff was a soccer player who had a large social circle. Additionally, she won a debate tournament, pushed herself in her studies, and was a motivated athlete.

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2. Martin Duque Anguiano

Martin Duque Anguiano wearing a black baseball cap.

He was a normal teenager, funny and outgoing. | Littleanglesinheaven via Instagram

  • 14 years old, student

According to the victim’s brother, Miguel Duque, Martin Duque Anguiano was “a very funny kid, outgoing and sometimes really quiet.” Miguel wrote about his younger brother’s caring personality on a GoFundMe page which he created to raise money for funeral expenses.

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3. Scott Beigel

Scott Beigel wearing a black cap outdoors.

This teacher died protecting his students. | Floridavictimstribute via Instagram

  • 35 years old, geography teacher

Scott Beigel was a beloved teacher and camp counselor. According to The New York Times, Beigel “paused to usher stragglers into his classroom before locking the door, only to be shot and killed himself as the shooter strode by.”

Jennifer Zeif, parent of a student who survived the massacre, said Beigel saved her son’s life.

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4. Nicholas Dworet

Nicholas Dworet smiling.

This student had an exciting life ahead of him. | Nicholas Dworet via Instagram

  • 17 years old, student

Nicholas Dworet planned on attending the University of Indianapolis next year, where he would join the swim team. Jason Hite, the university’s swim coach, was looking forward to having Dworet join the team and watching him live up to his potential as a leader.

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5. Aaron Feis

Aaron Feis smiling while wearing a red shirt and glasses.

This coach is being hailed as a hero. | Geronimo_p_ via Instagram

  • 37 years old, assistant football coach
Aaron Feis was an assistant football coach who sacrificed himself for the sake of others. “He died the same way he lived — he put himself second,” Denis Lehtio, a football program spokesman told CNN. “He was a very kind soul, a very nice man. He died a hero.” When Feis put himself between the gunman and students, he was shot, and died during surgery.

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6. Jaime Guttenberg

Jaime Guttenburg smiling in a photo.

Her family is in mourning. | Floridavictimstribute via Instagram

  • 14 years old, student

Jaime Guttenberg loved to dance and had a warm personality. Her father, Fred Guttenberg, wrote on Facebook, “I am broken as I write this trying to figure out how my family gets through this.”

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7. Christopher Hixon

Christopher Hixon photo and information.

He died while surveying the campus. | Books_and_activism via Instagram

  • 49 years old, athletic director

In 2017, the Broward County Athletics Association named Christopher Hixon athletic director of the year. Athletes looked up to Hixon as an inspiring role model and motivating coach.

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8. Luke Hoyer

Luke Hoyer's photo and description.

He was a basketball fan. | Books_and_activism via Instagram

  • 15 years old, student

Luke Hoyer loved playing basketball and spending time with his extended family. He was a quiet kid, but very happy. Hoyer looked up to NBA superstars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

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9. Cara Loughran

Cara Loughran smiling in a photo.

Cara was an excellent student. | Floridavictimstribute via Instagram

  • 14 years old, student

According to her family, Cara Loughran loved spending time at the beach and with her cousins. She also excelled in her schoolwork.

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10. Gina Montalto

  • 14 years old, student

Gina Montalto was a member of the winter color guard team. Like all the others on this list, her life was cut short during the tragedy.

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11. Joaquin Oliver

Joaquin Oliver's photo.

He was graduating very soon. | Floridavictimstribute via Instagram

  • 17 years old, student

Joaquin Oliver was better-known by his nickname, Guac. He was an avid basketball player who enjoyed writing poetry. According to his good friend, Julien Decoste, the two had been looking forward to graduating together.

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12. Alaina Petty

Alaina Petty's photo.

She devoted a lot of time doing volunteer work. | Floridavictimstribute via Instagram

  • 14 years old, student

Alaina Petty was involved in a volunteer group with the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints. She dedicated much of her time to service projects, including cleanup work after Hurricane Irma. She was a member of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, as well.

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13. Meadow Pollack

Meadow Pollack in a photo.

Meadow Pollack is missed by her family and friends. | Floridavictimstribute via Instagram

  • 18 years old, student

Meadow Pollack was a senior who planned on attending Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. next year. “She was just unbelievable,” her father said. “She was a very strong-willed young girl who had everything going for her.”

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14. Helena Ramsay

Helena Ramsay smiling.

Helena was about to start college. | Littlevictimsinheaven via Instagram

  • 17 years old, student

Helena Ramsay had determination and kindness in spades, according to those who knew her best. She was a motivated senior who would have started college next year.

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15. Alex Schachter

Alex Schachter smiling while in a marching band uniform.

Alex was in the school marching band. | Alex Schachter via Instagram

  • 14 years old, student

Alex Schachter was in the Stoneman Douglas marching band. His mother passed away when Alex was just five years old, and his father said he was “a sweetheart of a kid.” Alex’s older brother attends Stoneman Douglas, as well. He survived the shooting.

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16. Carmen Schentrup

  • 16 years old, student

Carmen Schentrup shined in the academic arena. In fact, she was a 2018 National Merit Scholarship semifinalist.

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17. Peter Wang

Peter Wang in his uniform.

Peter Wang was a kind and generous student. | Kickpushtuck_ via Instagram

  • 15 years old

Peter Wang was in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. According to his cousin, Aaron Chen, Wang “was always so nice and so generous.”

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