A Look Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Favorite Hangouts in London

You can find plenty of things to do in London that will make you feel like royalty. One surefire way to get a taste of the royal life the next time you visit the U.K. capital? Taking the time to visit some of the favorite London hangouts of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

From the location of their first date to the restaurants where they love to eat together, you don’t want to miss the couple’s favorite London spots.

1. Battersea Park

General view of Battersea Park Pagoda during the Guardian Direct Cup at Battersea Park in London

They bought their first Christmas tree in this park. | Alex Livesey /Allsport

PureWow reports that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bought their first Christmas tree at this London park. But the 200-acre public space is worth a visit no matter the time of year. At Battersea Park, you can stroll through an art gallery or an herb garden. Or, you can check out the petting zoo (and the animal shelter). You can enjoy a bike path or a running track. You can even go boating on a charming lake.

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2. Bocca di Lupo

Bocca di Lupo

This prestigious Italian restaurant is amazing. | Bocca di Lupo via Twitter

Meghan Markle may not have spent as much time around London as other members of the royal family. But she’s gotten off to a good start by checking out iconic spots like Bocca di Lupo. As PureWow reports, chef Jacob Kennedy helms this prestigious Italian spot in Soho. The restaurant’s menu “pulls traditional favorites from different regions across Italy, including a popular radish and pecorino salad with a truffle dressing, Puglian burrata, and gnocchi with Calabrese sausage.” We definitely can’t blame Markle for loving this spot!

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3. Brown Cow

Prince Harry's favorite pub, The Brown Cow

Harry’s friend allegedly owns this establishment. | The Brown Cow Pub via Facebook

Express reports that the Brown Cow in Fulham is reportedly one of Prince Harry’s favorite pubs. As the publication reports, Harry’s friend Mark Dyer owns the establishment. And it was there that Harry “toasted nephew Prince George’s arrival into the world.” The pub also goes down in history as the first place he went in London after he returned from a tour of Afghanistan.

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4. Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga is surprisingly casual for a royal. | BungaTINI via Facebook

Many members of the royal family have favorite restaurants around London. One of Prince Harry’s is Bunga Bunga, a pizzeria he frequents because one of his friends owns it. Unlike some of the other eateries that the royal family patronizes, this restaurant offers a pretty casual atmosphere where customers can enjoy brunch, pizza, and drinks. The Evening Standard quips, “Everyone likes pizza, even royalty. Prince Harry is known to have frequented this Silvio Berlusconi-themed pizza restaurant in Battersea (there’s one in Covent Garden too) for a pizza party or two.”

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5. Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse

This place is beautiful — and probably way over our budgets.| allthegoodies via YouTube

The Evening Standard reports that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry favor the “uber posh” and “uber expensive” Chiltern Firehouse for both meals and cocktails. As the publication reports, paparazzi have repeatedly photographed Markle at the restaurant. If you go, you can expect delicious cocktails and wine. And as the Standard reports, “Aside from all the booze, expect some creative British cuisine from Nuno Mendes — if you can get a booking, of course.”

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6. Dean Street Townhouse

Dean Street Townhouse

Meghan and Harry went to this super cute place early in their relationship. | Dean Street Townhouse via Facebook

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went to Dean Street Townhouse on their first date. As Express reports, “The plush restaurant boasts an all-day menu of modern British cuisine, plus a range of cocktails, from a Soho Negroni to a Hemingway Daiquiri.” Markle once said that her favorite cocktail is a Negroni, which consists of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. So it sounds like the couple made the perfect choice for this date spot!

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7. Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason, the inside of the shop

Fortnum & Mason has excellent, queen-approved tea. | Fortnum & Mason via Facebook

The Evening Standard reports that once Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got serious, Queen Elizabeth II invited the couple to tea at Kensington Palace. During that tea, the royals drank Queen May tea — a mix of Darjeeling and Assam tea leaves — from Fortnum & Mason. “The Royal Family has quite the soft spot for Fortnums,” the Standard reports. So if you want to sip your afternoon tea like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you might want to stop in at this Piccadilly store.

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8. Grosvenor House Suites

Grosvenor House Suites

We totally get why this spot was one of Meghan’s favorites. | Grosvenor House Suites via Facebook

If you need a hotel room worthy of royalty, take your cues from Meghan Markle. Travel + Leisure reports that Markle’s favorite hotel in the city is Grosvenor House Suites. Though she gets to stay at Kensington Palace now that she’s part of the royal family, Markle characterized the Mayfair hotel as “my favorite property I’ve ever stayed at.” Travel + Leisure points out that the hotel is just a mile from Kensington Palace — and costs between $500 and $2,000 per night.

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9. Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington Flower Corner

Meghan loved this spot to get flowers — and we love it too. | Kensington Flower Corner via Facebook

As revealed by her now-defunct blog, Meghan Markle loves flowers. (She may even leave her mark on the gardens at Kensington Palace.) The Evening Standard reports that when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spend time in London, Markle buys florals at Kensington Flower Corner. The publication notes that this pop-up stall, conveniently enough, is located just minutes away from Kensington Palace.

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10. Nails & Brows Mayfair

Nails and Brows studio in Mayfair

Get pampered in luxury at this salon. | Nails & Brows via Facebook

If your ideal vacation involves some pampering, then PureWow suggests that you stop by Nails & Brows Mayfair. “The Mayfair nail and brow bar is where the latest member of the royal family goes to maintain her enviable polished look,” the publication explains. Meghan Markle has reportedly become a regular client of Sherrille Riley, the salon founder. And she opts for the “Full Audrey Treatment,” which includes waxing, tweezing, and threading her eyebrows.

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11. Portobello Road

Portobello road market sign with the market in the background

This market is just too much fun. | Portobello and Golbourne Road market via Facebook

The Evening Standard reports that Meghan Markle’s past social media posts revealed her love for the Portobello Road market. “Endless rows of antiques, collectibles, street food stalls, colourful houses – what’s not to like” the publication aptly points out. The Standard also revealed another piece of Markle trivia. Her most-loved antique market in Toronto was called Kensington Market.

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12. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic

Sarah Chapman logo

This is probably why Meghan’s skin always looks so good. | Sarah Chapman Skinesis via Facebook

Another London spot to visit from some royal pampering? The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic, where Meghan Markle goes for regular facials, according to PureWow. Chapman has become one of London’s most sought-after facialists, however. So it may prove tough to get an appointment. But even if that’s the case, you can still stop by the clinic to stock up on skincare products that will have you looking like a princess in no time.

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13. Soho House

Soho Farmhouse

This house is adorable — and we get why the couple loves it. | Soho Farmhouse via Facebook

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were trying to keep their relationship quiet, the two would spend time at the members-only Soho House. Plus, rumor has it that Meghan had her bachelorette party at the Soho Farm House, a country hotel belonging to the same exclusive group. As PureWow reports, “perhaps it’s the exclusivity of the cool credentials” that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry like. But selecting a members-only hangout sounds like the perfect way to get a little bit of privacy even when they go out in London.

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14. Theater District

London Theater

The London Theater District is another must-see. | Official London Theater via Facebook

PureWow puts London’s Theater District on the list of the London spots favored by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. “It comes as no surprise that the American actress and self-proclaimed theater nerd was keen to check out London’s buzzing theater scene as soon as she arrived in town,” the publication reports of Markle. She reportedly took Prince Harry to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at the Gielgud Theatre.

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15. Violet Bakery

Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes

You may even see Claire Ptak, the creator of the royal wedding cake. | Violet by Claire Ptak via Instagram

If you genuinely want to experience London like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, then why not stop by the bakery that the couple tasked with baking their wedding cake? Express reports that you can visit Violet Bakery in Hackney. But you unless you have a budget of royal proportions, you probably can’t afford to have the bakery recreate the royal wedding cake, which featured lemon and elderflower.

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