4 Times Meghan Markle Did Something Prince Harry Told Her Not To

Prince Harry and Megan Markle are known for going against royal family rules from time to time. But, according to some reports, the prince doesn’t always agree with Meghan Markle’s protocol-breaking habits. As a lifelong royal, he knows what is expected of them and would hate to cause trouble with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry apparently has a lot of onions on Meghan Markle’s fashion choices. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Here are all the times Meghan did something her husband told her not to.

1. The tuxedo debacle

According to The Cut, Meghan Markle had her eyes on a Stella McCartney tuxedo and wanted to wear it to an evening event honoring WellChild in Australia. Prince Harry allegedly said no, as the queen prefers royal women wear skirts. While she didn’t end up wearing the tuxedo, she did end up wearing an Altuzarra pantsuit instead. It looks like the duchess got her way in that argument.

2. Meghan Markle’s PDA habits

Queen Elizabeth II has her eye on the royal couple and is aware at their many attempts at breaking royal protocol. And, while no hand-holding is more of an unwritten royal family rule, Prince Harry apparently rejected Meghan Markle’s attempt at some PG public display of affection in July. However, his need to comply with his grandmother’s rules doesn’t stop Meghan from loving on her husband in public. Not too long after the incident, the two shared a public kiss at a polo match.

3. Hollywood fame is different from royal fame

Prince Harry is without a doubt one of many helping to usher Meghan into royal life. However, Hollywood fame is much different from royal fame and the Duchess of Sussex has made a few mistakes already. While it’s unclear as to who said it, the new royal has allegedly been advised to “stop dressing like a Hollywood star and start dressing like a Royal.” If it was Harry that said it, Meghan has yet to fully comply. The duchess wore a variety of looks fit for a Hollywood celebrity while on their royal tour of Australia.

4. Her political agenda

It’s widely known that the royal family doesn’t get involved in politics. However, Meghan Markle has broken that rule several times, including when she outright said she is a feminist while on a royal tour in Australia. Prince Harry probably doesn’t tell her not to say these things — and the royal family has made note of her work with women’s rights — but to avoid trouble with his grandmother, he might have advised against it. Publicly, it doesn’t seem like Queen Elizabeth is phased by the comment.

Meghan doesn’t always go against her husband — or her new family’s — word. Here are a couple of ways the duchess has learned to comply with royal family protocol while staying true to herself.

No selfies

In the royal family, selfies are a big no-no. But, with the social media presence Meghan Markle once had, it is probably hard for the duchess to resist. However, she found a way to follow the rules and stay honest with herself. At an event in Nottingham, a royal fan asked for a selfie with the Duchess of Sussex and she reportedly apologized and said: “We’re not allowed.”

She can’t show her exhaustion

Another bizarre royal family rule Meghan must follow? She apparently can’t show her exhaustion and would actually be penalized for yawning in public. So far, the duchess seems to be able to follow suit with the protocol, despite committing to a long Australian tour in the early months of her pregnancy.

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