Meghan Markle’s Favorite Dip Recipe (And Other Dishes She Always Makes)

Meghan Markle is a major foodie — not just for the satisfaction of eating her favorite foods, but for the way it brings people together. Speaking of which, the Duchess of Sussex recently collaborated with women impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire on a new cookbook called Together: Our Community Cookbook. And although she doesn’t share any of her personal recipes, she does provide readers with a three-page forward in which she discusses her relationship with the cooking community, her love of foods that tell stories, and one of her favorite recipes in the book, a Green Chile & Avocado Dip. Curious to try Meghan Markle’s favorite dip recipe? We share the details, plus other dishes she always makes, ahead.

Avocado dip

Meghan Markle’s favorite dip recipe is featured in Together: Our Community Cookbook. | Lana_M / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Meghan Markle’s favorite dip recipe

In her forward, Meghan Markle raves about a dip recipe created by Grenfell Tower fire survivor, Munira Mahmud. Mahmud played a key roll in not just the production of the cookbook, but also the formation the Hubb Community Kitchen, and Meghan Markle’s involvement in it. “In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, a group of local women gathered together to cook fresh food for their families and neighbors,” the Royal Foundation explains on its website. “Over the chatter and aromas of the kitchen, they found that cooking and eating together can create connections, restore hope and normality, and provide a sense of home,” it concluded.

After helping to start the Hubb Community Kitchen, Mahmud welcomed Meghan Markle to it. And, when she explained how they could only use the kitchen twice a week (due to funding), Markle suggested sharing her recipes with other people. “And that’s how [the cookbook] happened,” Mahmud recalls in Together: Our Community Cookbook.

Mahmud is also the creator of Meghan Markle’s favorite dip recipe — which she describes in the forward as “my very favorite avocado dip that I now make at home.” Here’s how to make it:

Green Chile & Avocado Dip from ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’


  • 2 green chiles, halved and seeded
  • 1 ¼ cups cilantro leaves
  • 3 tbsp plain yogurt
  • Grated zest and juice of 2 lemons
  • 4 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1 ripe avocado, peeled and pitted
  • 4 tbsp mayonnaise (optional)
  • Salt and pepper


“Put all the ingredients except the mayonnaise into a food processor and blend until smooth. Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary. Add the mayonnaise (if you wish) and stir to combine, then transfer to a serving bowl.”

Other recipes the duchess swears by

In addition to Meghan Markle’s favorite dip recipe, she has a few other go-to dishes. From her secret ingredient for the perfect grilled steak to her favorite breakfast recipe, we share other recipes the duchess swears by, below.


When Meghan cooks steak at home, she adds a secret ingredient that might surprise you. Her go-to hack for the perfect grilled steak? A splash of lemon juice. “Nobody tastes the lemon, but it really brings out the steak’s flavor,” Meghan revealed to Delish. She prefers to add the twist right before serving.

Acai bowls

One of Meghan Markle’s favorite breakfast options is acai bowls. And, she once shared her go-to recipe with Eye Spoon. “Blend one frozen acai packet with ⅓ cup of almond milk, ½ banana, a handful of frozen berries,” Meghan dished. The mixture should be on the thicker side of the spectrum, so Markle suggests adding small amounts of almond milk as you go. “Top with coconut flakes, fresh berries, sliced banana, a drizzle of manuka honey, sprinkle of bee pollen (if you want), and serve immediately,” she concluded.

Grilled Caesar salad with shrimp

In 2016, Meghan Markle shared another one of her favorite recipes with Today — a grilled Caesar salad with shrimp. To make it, all you need it lettuce and zesty marinated shrimp. Markle halves the lettuce lengthwise with the romaine heart still intact, so it all stays together, then grills it. “You can grill lettuce, and it has the most amazing flavor,” she gushed. For the full recipe, click here.

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