29 Brutal Things Gordon Ramsay Says About Your Cooking

Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh critiques of chefs’ cooking on shows, such as Hell’s KitchenMaster Chef, and Kitchen Nightmares. But you don’t have participate in a competition or work on a cooking show to subject your cooking to Ramsay’s brutal criticism. All you have to do is tweet at him.

Ramsay told PopSugar he started dishing out the criticism because so many people were tagging him in photos of their food. “Honestly, I had enough of people tagging me in shots of their food picture they thought were amazing, when they were terrible,” he explained. “I’ve always given out a lot of tough love on TV, so I figured the Twitterverse was prepared for it. Now, if everyone could just cook properly I wouldn’t have a problem.”

Check out some of the brutal things Ramsay has said to Twitter users who’ve made the mistake of asking for his opinion on their cooking.

1. Your sub looks sub-standard


Like any prolific Twitter user, Ramsay occasionally resorts to puns. Fortunately, they’re usually pretty entertaining — especially when he’s criticizing somebody’s cooking.

2. It’s very, very ugly

Most of us aren’t professional chefs and don’t have the skills to plate a meal like a pro would. But Ramsay is still pretty harsh about how things look on the plate.

3. Your creation is stupid

Most home cooks like to get creative in the kitchen. (Or at least they to try to combine the only remaining groceries into something edible.) But Ramsay doesn’t often appreciate those attempts at creating something new. In this case, he didn’t seem to approve of the attempt to combine tortellini with soup.

4. It doesn’t look edible

Many chefs have mixed opinions about vegetarian diets, vegan dishes, and meat substitutes. But Ramsay doesn’t hold back from sharing his disdain when fans tweet him photos of their vegan meals.

5. Your meal looks worse than hospital food

Anyone who’s spent any time in hospitals knows they often serve pretty unappetizing food, both in their cafeterias and in their patient rooms. So it’s a pretty brutal insult for Ramsay to compare this home cook’s meal (unfavorably) to hospital food.

6. He’d be afraid to eat it

Many chefs are pretty adventurous eaters. But that doesn’t mean celebrity chefs like Ramsay would be thrilled to try a home chef’s cooking, as this Twitter user found out.

7. You didn’t even butter your toast correctly

Cooking a good meal can be difficult (as can making a perfectly tasty meal look appealing on the plate). But some tasks, such as buttering a piece of toast, seem pretty easy — or so we thought before Ramsay criticized this home cook’s handiwork.

8. It makes you look more like an artist than a chef

Most people don’t mind getting complimented on their artistic skills. But to Ramsay, it’s definitely a bad thing if a dish looks like it came from an art class and not a culinary course.

9. It makes you look like an ‘idiot sandwich’

Repeating one of his most meme-worthy insults, Ramsay occasionally responds to a home cook’s tweet by calling their creation — or them — an idiot sandwich.

10. Your food doesn’t look properly cooked

No matter how great your ingredients are or how expert your prep work is, it all goes to waste if you don’t cook your food properly. And Ramsay is never shy to point out something suspicious.

11. It looks cremated instead of grilled

We all know it can be difficult to grill a cut of meat perfectly. But Ramsay has criticized many Twitter users for needing a new battery for their smoke alarm. And he told this user their food looked cremated instead of grilled. (Better luck next time.)

12. It looks like prison food

If you want compliments from Ramsay, you should probably think carefully about presentation. And perhaps you shouldn’t photograph your food on a plate that looks an awful lot like the kind used in prison cafeterias.

13. Your meal looks like roadkill

As you’ll see in the pages ahead, Ramsay often makes some pretty unsavory comparisons when home cooks tweet him photos of their meals. A pretty brutal criticism he leveled at this user? These nachos look like roadkill.

14. It looks like rabbit food

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