These Are the Most Hated Airports in the United States

Airports are a necessary part of flying. But everybody hates the endless lines, anxiety-inducing security checkpoints, unpredictable delays, and rundown terminals you’ll spot at the most hated airports in the U.S. There might not be one definitive ranking of America’s most hated airports. But there’s definitely a consensus. Researchers time and time again discover travelers hate LaGuardia, can’t stand O’Hare, and would do anything to avoid Hartsfield-Jackson.

The Economist posits, “American airports offer a shabby welcome to the greatest nation on Earth.” And the BBC reports, “The Wright Brothers may have given birth to modern aviation on a beach at Kitty Hawk, but U.S. airports these days are far from world-beating.” Want to find out which airports savvy travelers would advise you avoid the next time you fly? Read on to check out the most hated airports in America.

16. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL)

Delta Boeing 757 flight taking off from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Harstfield-Jackson is one of the most hated airports in the U.S. |

Busy hubs like Atlanta are tough to avoid. But many travelers wish they could skip Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson. J.D. Power reports the airport “is feeling the strain” of accommodating 100 million travelers per year. The group also gives Hartsfield-Jackson only middling scores when it comes to check-in and security, baggage claim, and terminal shopping. Those scores can’t save ATL from being one of the most hated airports in the U.S. And the airport made Bloomberg’s list of the most frustrating airports, too.

TimeOut USA notes travelers either love ATL or hate it. The airport has 207 gates across seven concourses — and they all seem to be packed with crowds at every hour of the day and night. Plus, Travel + Leisure notes though public transportation to and from the airport might be convenient, that hardly makes up for long waits, slow baggage handling, and a shortage of kid-friendly areas.

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