The Most Hated Celebrity Chefs

1. Paula Deen

KitchenAid® Culinary Demonstrations - STAGES:BOOK SIGNINGS - 2015 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Everybody has heard about the scandals surrounding Paula Deen. | Aaron Davidson/Getty Images 

Paula Deen set out to become the Martha Stewart of the South — and seemed to accomplish it. But in recent years, she’s undergone a swift fall from grace that makes her one of the most hated celebrity chefs. When allegations surfaced that Deen used racist language in the workplace, companies that put her face on their products and stocked her goods in their stores quickly jumped ship.

Deen has also faced criticism for promoting an unhealthy diet and then, upon developing type 2 diabetes herself, partnering with a pharmaceutical company to promote its diabetes drugs. Many people felt that she was “cashing in on a disease that was caused by the kind of high-calorie, fat-laden diet promoted in the recipes she prepared and celebrated on national television.” Even that drug company later ended its contract with Deen.

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