The Most Hated HGTV Hosts to Have Shows on the Network

We all love zoning out in front of the TV with an HGTV show, whether it’s Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, or Flip or Flop. Sure, we complain about annoying clients who have impossible wish lists and roll our eyes when house hunters with poor taste choose the wrong home. But we don’t love everything about the hosts of these popular TV shows either. In fact, there are some HGTV hosts viewers love to hate, whether for their bad design choices, monotonous scripts, controversial moves off-camera, or the misleading segments on their shows.

Read on to check out the most hated HGTV hosts, and find out whether you know all the secrets your favorite HGTV stars have been keeping from you.

15. Hillary Farr and David Visentin of Love It or List It

Hillary Farr and David Visentin of Love It or List It

Hillary Farr and David Visentin | HGTV

We don’t need dramatic HGTV shows with lots of unexpected twists. But sometimes HGTV takes “formulaic” a little too far. A prime example? The network’s Love It or List It, hosted by Hillary Farr and David Visentin, who constantly get criticized for following the same script over and over and over again.

On each episode, homeowners have to choose between Farr’s renovation of their existing home or purchase a property Visentin has shown them. But the outcome is almost always the same. Plus, the show got hit with a lawsuit by a couple alleging “shoddy work and unfair trade practices.”

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