Here Are Hollywood’s Most Passionate Celebrity Animal Activists

Do you love animals? You aren’t alone. And you’ll probably be excited to learn many of your favorite celebrities use their fame to draw attention to animal cruelty or to advocate for all pet owners to adopt instead of buy their furry companions. Whether they want to save elephants in Africa, sharks in California, or the dogs and cats right in their own backyards, these celebrities are passionate animal activists.

Want to learn which animals Leonardo DiCaprio cares about the most or what Kristen Bell has to say about adopting an animal? Read on to find out.

1. Olivia Munn

Actress Olivia Munn beside her billboard that says "boycott the circus"

Olivia Munn stands beside her PETA billboard. | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Actress Olivia Munn is an outspoken advocate for animal rights. She teamed up with PETA to create a video about what goes on at Chinese fur farms. The actress noted it’s possible to be fashion-forward without harming animals.

The organization also sang her praises when Munn spread the word about how circuses treat elephants. She explained, “They’re in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball.” And in a letter to the USDA about a specific captive elephant, she wrote, “Elephants were never meant to be locked inside cramped trailers, kept in chains, or forced to walk in endless circles carrying riders on their backs.”

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