The Most Popular Dog Names of All Time May Surprise You

Want to pick the best name for your new dog? Then you’re probably wondering what everybody else names their puppy. Dog names, like baby names, come and go. In 2016, the AKC reported that many dog owners named their pets after Pokémon Go and Game of Thrones characters. In 2015, the AKC’s list of the most popular dog names showed that dog owners were all about The Hunger Games and Star Wars.

But what if you want to know about the tried-and-true names? The ones that, year after year, prove themselves as the most popular dog names of all time? A Psychology Today analysis revealed that dog owners across the English-speaking world — in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia — all tend to choose the same names for their dogs.

Read on to check out the most popular dog names on that list. You probably know a few pups who have these names — or you may just find the perfect name for your new puppy.

15. Murphy and Jess

Golden Retriever

Starting off the top 15 most popular dog names are Murphy and Jess. |

Are you surprised that Murphy and Jess are the 15th most popular names for male and female dogs, respectively? So were we. While you might expect trendier names — like Cooper, Tucker, Chloe, and Elsa — even in 15th place, the data just goes to show that many people choose more classic names for their pooches. PetPlace reports that Murphy is an especially perfect name for a golden retriever.

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