Did You Know These Surprising Animals Served in the U.S. Military?

Most people know dogs serve in the U.S. military. But did you know other animals lend a hand (or paw)? These are the most surprising animals who have served in law enforcement and the military. Do you know which animal is better at sniffing out bombs than dogs (page 9)?

1. Cats

A sailor holds the ship's feline mascot, Minnie.
A sailor holds the ship’s feline mascot, Minnie. | Fox Photos/Getty Images
  • Who they help: U.S. Navy
  • How they help: pest control

Cats have lived on navy vessels to prevent vermin for years. They’ve also served in the military in other ways. To eavesdrop on the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C., researchers planned to use felines implanted with microphones and radio transmitters in a CIA operation called “Acoustic Kitty.” They finally scrapped it as not “practical” to train spy cats.

The U.S. Navy used the next animal for its intelligence and underwater sonar abilities.

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