The Most Toxic Houseplants to Avoid If You Have Pets

Most gardeners know at least some of the plants in our backyards are toxic to dogs and cats. But it’s not just the azaleas you need to worry about. You might think the houseplants on your windowsills are safe. After all, how dangerous can a philodendron, pothos vine, or bird of paradise be? It turns out they’re pretty bad for your dog or your cat.

Check out 18 common houseplants that are toxic to cats and dogs.

1. Aloe

aloe in a pot

Aloe |

Many people keep an aloe plant in the kitchen or bathroom. It not only adds a decorative touch to a room, but also comes in handy if you need to soothe a burn. You can find hundreds of varieties of aloe plants. They range in size — in the wild, at least — from a few inches high to heights of 30 to 40 feet, according to Apartment Therapy. The most common, called an aloe barbadensis, is the kind you’ll usually see at Home Depot or Lowe’s. But the ASPCA reports aloe is toxic to both dogs and cats. And Barbados aloe is also toxic to cats and dogs.

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