Neighbors Send This Letter to the Guy Next Door Who Constantly Yells at His GF


Anyone who’s lived in an apartment knows that sound can carry way more than anyone would like. So whether you’re trying to mind your own business or not, sometimes you can’t help but hear other people through open windows ceilings or walls. Normally, it’s not a big deal and just a minor annoyance, but sometimes, you hear things that might need your attention or help.

A Reddit user, j1ggy, posted a note that a neighbor had put up in the common area of his apartment building. It doesn’t sound like the sounds they heard were that of violence, but there are other types of verbal and mental abuse that can require action as well.

On the next page is a picture of the note, and a chorus of support written on it from other neighbors who are apparently saying they hear the same unsettling stuff.


While many online applauded that someone took action instead of sitting idly by, many feel that simply writing a note isn’t enough since these things have the opportunity to escalate quickly.

One commenter wrote:

“Calling the cops would be better than a passive aggressive note,” Reddit user Ouhei wrote. “Assuming it’s constant enough that they wanted to leave a note about it. No need to try to interject yourself personally, but a note isn’t going to do much and could even make things worse depending on how abusive he is. I had an upstairs neighbor a few years ago that I overheard yelling at his spouse once or twice and it didn’t seem like anything more than a jerk yelling, but one night it clearly escalated and I could hear him physically tossing her around so I called the cops. He was arrested and spent time in jail. From what I know they split up after that and she moved out a few weeks later.”

While another offered:

“A letter is nice and all, but what makes you think it will change anything? Not to mention someone could, you know, have some balls and bring it up in person instead of this passive aggressiveness. I feel like that would have a better effect.”