Never Store These Common Household Items in the Garage

Here’s a crazy statistic: one study found that almost 1 in 4 Americans can’t fit a car in their garage because they have too much clutter.

Coming up with clever storage solutions for your stuff can be tricky. It seems like there are never enough closets and cabinets. For most people, the default solution is to shove stuff into your basement, attic, or garage (if you’re lucky enough to have them).

But letting your garage become a cluttered catastrophe isn’t just bad from a design standpoint — it can also damage certain items or put you at risk for a house fire. Ahead, discover the most common household items that you should never store in the garage.

1. Paint

Cans of Paints

Paint cans | hroe/Getty Images

Keeping partially used cans of paint on hand for touch-ups is a good idea, but storing them in the garage could ruin them. Uninsulated garages can fluctuate in temperature from freezing to boiling hot — and that can ruin the color and consistency of the paint. Plus, putting the cans on the floor could leave unsightly rust marks.

Instead, store your paint inside the house or find a place to dispose of it safely.

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