New Trump Hotels Might Be Coming to These 10 Cities

An activist stands in front of Trump International Hotel, one of the Donald Trump hotels

An activist stands in front of Trump International Hotel. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

The business interests of President Donald Trump are a problem. More specifically, his refusal or reluctance to divest from those interests while in office is a problem. Trump hotels, his primary business line, are located all around the world. And that’s one of the main issues that have people questioning the ethical boundaries of his decision not to divest while serving in the Oval Office. It basically boils down to this question: Is it OK for the sitting president to profit at the taxpayer’s expense or from payments made by foreign interests?

It’s a question many are wrestling with. Although there are some legal and constitutional prohibitions to consider, Trump has, so far, been able to maintain his business interests while also serving as commander in chief.

And Trump’s organizations aren’t sitting idly by. His sons are actively seeking new deals and arrangements worldwide, and there are even plans to expand the Trump hotels empire to new cities in the United States. A report from The Associated Press says these new hotels will be the first to operate without using the “Trump” moniker, instead using the name Scion. And the plan is to open as many as a hundred over the next several years.

But that’s not all. New Trump hotels using the Trump name could also pop up all across the country, too. Trump Hotels CEO Eric Danziger said, according to Bloomberg, that Trump hotels could sprout up in more than 20 major cities across the country.

We don’t know when these hotels would open or where precisely they would be. But some specific cities have been named by officials from Trump’s organization. Here are 10 that could be among the first. Did your city make the list?

1. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis downtown

St. Louis, Missouri |

St. Louis has been targeted as a potential site for a Scion hotel. It might not come to fruition, though, because protesters started marching on the potential building site almost immediately after Trump won the presidency. The idea is still floating around, but we’ll have to wait and see whether anything comes of it. A more likely outcome? Marriott uses the space, instead.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver from the sky

Denver | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Another city on the Trump wish list is Denver. It’s a fairly blue city in a fairly purple state, and it doesn’t seem Denver’s residents are too receptive to the idea of a new Trump property. There have been many protests, but that hasn’t taken Denver off of the Trump Organization’s short list. Again, we’ll have to wait and see whether shovels ever meet dirt.

3. Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, skyline

Dallas is a possible future home to one of the new Trump hotels. |

Among the first cities to be brought up by the Trump Organization is Dallas. The idea for the hotel is actually deep into the planning stages, with a specific site staked out and investors lined up. The proposed hotel would operate under the Scion brand and would cost roughly $50 million to build. The plan is to eventually have a six-story, 220-room hotel when all is said and done.

4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco panorama

San Francisco |

It’s hard to imagine a new Trump hotel being welcomed in the liberal bastion of San Francisco, but the city is on Trump’s wish list nonetheless. When San Francisco’s name came up, there was an immediate backlash to the proposal among the city’s residents and officials. “Good luck with that,” said San Francisco supervisor Mark Farrell, when discussing the idea on a local CBS affiliate.

5. Seattle, Washington

The Seattle skyline is reflected in the window of a Washington State Ferry

The Seattle skyline is reflected in the window of a Washington State Ferry. | Robert Sumner/Getty Images

San Francisco’s not the only deep blue West Coast liberal stronghold the Trump Organization has in its sights. Seattle was another that has been mentioned as a potential site for a new Trump property. And, like in San Francisco, the idea has been met with some hostility. Seattle has actually been on the Trumps’ radar for more than a decade, but nothing has come to fruition yet.

6. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati downtown early in the night

Cincinnati |

Swing state Ohio went to Trump in the 2016 presidential election. For that reason, a Trump property in Cincinnati sounds like a pretty good idea. Locations are being scouted, and it seems there’s a fair amount of interest. Cincinnati would more than likely get a location operating under the Scion brand.

7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

City of Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Balasko

Like Cincinnati, Milwaukee is in a Midwestern state that swung toward Trump during the 2016 election. This means there’s a built-in fan base for the Trump brand, even if it’s mostly located outside of Milwaukee proper. Milwaukee would also get a Scion-branded hotel location, like Cincinnati. It’s worth noting, though, Trump has had some trouble in Wisconsin as of late, which could affect the ultimate decision.

8. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville manhole cover

A Louisville manhole cover |

Staying in the Midwest, Louisville is yet another city that’s been thrown around by Trump’s team as a potential site for a new hotel. Louisville is in the heart of “Trump country” — if you could call it that. The president has returned to Louisville, for example, for post-election “rallies.” There’s not a solid plan for a new hotel quite yet, but again, it’s a city that’s been named by Trump officials.

9. Nashville, Tennessee

Downtown Nashville, Tennesse

Downtown Nashville is another location Trump has pointed to as a potential new hotel site. | Pavone

Nashville has been on the Trump team’s mind for some time now. Donald Trump, himself, as far back as 2015, has singled Nashville out as a city that is “absolutely ready” for one of his luxury hotels. And as far as a new Scion location goes, Nashville seems primed and ready to go. There are investor and ownership agreements in place, and it looks like all systems are ready for the project.

10. Austin, Texas

downtown Austin reflects on a lake

Austin, Texas |

Texas doesn’t get any bluer than Austin. The state’s capital city and home to the University of Texas, Austin, seems like an odd place for a Trump hotel, in the same way that San Francisco or Seattle does. That’s why it might not actually happen. Although the Trump family has expressed interest, it looks like a potential project might already be dead — before it every really got started.

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