Overdone Home Decorating Trends You Need to Stop Using Right Now

It may seem like greige walls and white kitchens are taking over the world. But before you spend millions of dollars creating an exact replica of Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse, remember that there was a time when the trendiest living rooms had orange shag rugs and wood paneling.

Trends don’t typically last forever. Not many design elements are timeless, which is why spending a fortune on popular home décor items makes no sense.

These are the popular home decorating trends that are on their way out, including what you should never buy at your favorite furniture store (No. 13).

1. Anything made from pallets

Pallet furniture

Pallet furniture | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

The first time you saw a piece of furniture made from pallets, whether it was a coffee table or a wine rack, you probably thought it was a great idea. After all, pallets are cheap – or free! But now the trend is officially overplayed.

Pallet furniture probably won’t last forever, especially if an amateur crafter put it together. You’re better off spending a little more on higher quality wood pieces that you won’t have to replace in a few years.

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2. White on white

White and gold apartment desk and living room

White room | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Pulling off the white walls, white furniture, and white accessories look without making your home look like a sterile environment can be incredibly tricky — even for a seasoned designer. Those aggressively white rooms might look amazing on Instagram, but in real life, they’re almost impossible to maintain. That’s why they’re slowly fading out of style this year.

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3. Faux taxidermy

Moose antler chandelier

Antler chandelier | gurkoao/iStock/Getty Images

Oh, look – it’s a white plaster rhinoceros head above the mantel. How original.

From faux antler lamps to exotic animal heads made from felt or plastic, the animal-centric décor thing is seriously overdone. It’s a classic case of, “even though you can, it doesn’t mean you should…”

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4. TVs over fireplaces

TV above fireplace | hikesterson/iStock/Getty Images

Here’s the thing about putting your television over your fireplace: it’s a pain in the neck. Literally.

The optimal position for television viewing is about eye level when you’re seated in a couch or chair. So, unless you have a really tall couch, hanging your television over the mantle means you’re constantly straining your neck whenever you’re binge-watching Netflix. Plus, making the television a focal point is a little tacky.

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5. Felt letter boards

Letter board

Letter board | mactrunk/iStock/Getty Images

There was a time when felt letter boards were used to alert customers of prices or convey some other practical message in a place of business. Now? They’re used in home décor to express your pithy sense of humor. Bonus points if your photo goes viral on Instagram.

This trend was cute for about ten minutes, but now it’s beyond overplayed. It’s time to figure out a new means of self-expression.

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6. Accent walls

Living room with wall paper

Wallpaper accent wall | Scovad/iStock/Getty Images

Covering one wall in reclaimed wood or wallpaper might seem like a wise design decision. However, this technique sometimes makes it look like your whole room is one unfinished project. Rather than choosing a texture for your wall, try some built-in furniture or even same paint in a slightly different shade.

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7. Midcentury modern

Blue interior with mid century chair and buffet

Midcentury design | mihalis_a/iStock/Getty Images

Midcentury modern is not the first retro style to enjoy a comeback – and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the trend has so completely taken over design blogs, social media, and magazines that it’s overdone. It may be chic, but it’s time to find a new time period for design inspiration.

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8. Farmhouse chic

Farmhouse style accessories

Farmhouse style accessories | svetl/iStock/Getty Images

Galvanized metal tubs. Rough-hewn tables with benches. Black fixtures. White subway tile. Shiplap.

There is literally nothing more popular than Joanna Gaines and her particular brand of farmhouse chic right now. Retailers are churning out the rustic, elevated farmhouse style décor that people want by the truckload, meaning that your delightfully photogenic cotton boll wreath is just like the one on your neighbor’s front door.

There are other design styles out there. Instead of following the trend, choose the things you like and leave the rest.

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9. Chalkboard walls

Home workspace with chalkboard, diy, regale, desk, chair and computer

Chalkboard wall | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Are you really going to write out the shopping list for the week on a chalkboard wall? And even if you did, how would you know what it said once you got to the store?

Chalkboard walls sound like a good idea in theory but in reality, they’re nothing but a big old mess. They don’t stay clean, they’re not practical, and they’re overdone in design.

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10. Unnecessary word decor

Word decor

Word decor | PhotographyFirm/iStock/Getty Images

Do you really need an oversized sign in the kitchen that says, “EAT?” This is another design choice that seems to have stemmed from Instagram and Pinterest. It’s trite, tacky, and overused. Time to move on to more inspirational art that doesn’t induce eye rolling.

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11. Woodland accessories

Forest inspired bedroom

Forest-inspired bedroom | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

From bird print patterned curtains to an end table meant to resemble a tree stump, the woodland theme is everywhere – and it’s not always pretty. Unless you’re living in a cabin in the woods, this style is best expressed in small doses.

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12. Too many mirrors

Mirror in living room

Mirror in living room | ismagilov/iStock/Getty Images

Mirrors are a great way to make a room seem larger and brighter. There can, however, be too much of a good thing. If you find yourself hanging so many mirrors that you can’t turn your head without catching a glimpse of your reflection, you’ve officially taken this trend too far.

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13. Ikea furniture

Ikea furniture

Ikea furniture | Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

It’s easy to love Ikea – with stylish, affordable furniture and accessories, it’s a great place to find a lot of stuff for your home. But there are a few popular pieces that everyone should let go of for a while. Billy bookcases, Poang chairs, and Lack side tables… they’re all a little been there, done that a million times.

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14. Gallery walls

Living room with gallery wall

Living room with gallery wall | Scovad/iStock/Getty Images

There’s nothing wrong with displaying a few family photos. But covering every available inch of wall space with gigantic custom photo canvases can be a bit much.

When it comes to photo gallery walls, less is more. Intersperse candid snapshots with posed photos and try mixing in interesting artwork, unique sculptural pieces, and hanging plants for a one-of-a-kind look that’s not monotonous.

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15. Stainless steel appliances

Modern kitchen with granite counters

Stainless steel | Irina88w/iStock/Getty Images

Newsflash: You do not need to choose stainless steel appliances. In fact, other options like black and white might match better – and cost less. Designers are coming out with innovative new options beyond stainless so your kitchen doesn’t have to look like every other one in America.