15 Passive-Aggressive Notes From Fed-Up Apartment Dwellers

Apartment living can lend itself to some seriously passive-aggressive neighbors. Whether yours do the deed too loudly, let their dogs defecate where they shouldn’t, or other offenses, we bet yours get annoying too. Check out these awesome notes left by those who got totally fed-up, plus one that actually comes off really sweet. (Page 15).

1. These accidental voyeurs

German neighbor note sex

Please turn off the lights or close your blinds. | yesmee via Reddit

The dwellers of this apartment might want to consider investing in some blinds. Friendly reminder folks: When doing the deed, please also remember to turn off the lights. Your neighbors will thank you.

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2. This neighbor had it after a late-night gabfest

Open letter garbage neighbor

He definitely let them know how he felt. | holdthedoor444 via Reddit

If you have loud neighbors, you may have wanted to give them what for. This guy actually did, in a very detailed letter. Apartment residents know how loud common spaces can get. Exercise some courtesy, and use your hallway for coming and going only.

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3. Reverse psychology can work wonders

Reverse psychology neighbor note

They’ll no doubt think twice. | WorkFriendlyAcct via Reddit

Sometimes, you hear more of your neighbors’, um, activities than you want to. When this person had that problem, they got creative. If you also have this problem, consider taking a back-door approach. If nothing else, you might get a chuckle out of it.

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4. When trying to send a message, get the Wifi involved

Neighbor note wifi

Passive-aggressiveness taken to the max. | wahday via Reddit

Some things should stay private, like your showers and Wifi passwords. Apparently, this pair of apartment dwellers do not keep either of those things to themselves. Talk about passive-aggressive neighbors.

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5. Religious ceremony or dirty deed?

Exorcism neighbor note

Comparing their behavior to an exorcism had to dampen the mood. | aventador_ via Reddit

If you saw The Exorcist, you also know how loud the religious rites (supposedly) can get. This person decided to take a page out of that book to get their neighbors to quiet down. Whether it worked or not, points for inventiveness.

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6. Kindly do not park like a you-know-what

Parking neighbor note

That person has some nerve. | BigJB3 via Reddit

When you shovel out a parking spot, you also expect to use it. When this person’s neighbor got in on that action, he took matters into his own hands. We bet this spot thief will not try that again.

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7. Make friends, or get this note

Neighbor note stolen package

It may pay to be nice. | cubesnack via Reddit

If you get packages delivered, you might also know the pain of getting them stolen. This person probably wishes they became friends with the neighbors, for that reason. It just goes to show, bringing a casserole over when you move in can really pay off.

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8. It pays to install these things correctly

Neighbor note frosted glass

Maybe get a professional to install it. | ekoorb12 via Reddit

This pair probably thought they saved some cash trying to DIY their new bathroom window. Turns out, they subsequently forgot to ensure its proper usage. At least the neighbors warned them.

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9. Judge not lest you get schooled by passive-aggressive neighbors

Neighbor note parking handicap

You can’t always see handicaps. | Molochwalker28 via Reddit

A disabled veteran really took this letter-writer to task. You can never tell whether a person has an impairment by looking at them, and this veteran pointed that out quite eloquently. Rest assured: the writer will never make that mistake again.

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10. Park like a jerk at your own risk

neighbor note bad parking

He took things pretty far. | heavyhandedpour via Reddit

This person might have taken things a little too far when someone parked in the driving lane. You should never park where your car does not belong, but you should also refrain from rubbing your private parts on others’ property. Seems like everyone could learn something here.

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11. Have fun with that scavenger hunt

Neighbor note laundry interruption

Laundry is serious business. | fishmaster2012 via Reddit

We all know to leave other people’s laundry alone, but this person did not exercise that common courtesy. Unfortunately for them, two can play that game. The laundry thief probably never did that again, after they found their own clothes.

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12. Always take responsibility for your actions

Neighbor note hit and run

That person got what was coming. | Swichts via Reddit

When this person saw someone damage a car in his apartment complex’s parking lot, he could not just let it happen. He called the cops on the perpetrator, probably saving the owner a lot of hassle later. If you do damage someone else’s car, always leave your insurance information. Otherwise, this could happen to you.

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13. This mom means business

Doorbell note

Moms and dads can feel this pain. | caadbury via Reddit

Do your kids wake up and bother you at the slightest thing? If so, you probably feel this mother’s pain. While we do not recommend threatening people who ring your doorbell, we kind of get it. But only kind of.

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14. Do two notes work better than one?

Congrats on the sex note

All the neighbors agree. | ZzMeSs1aHzZ via Reddit

If we received this note, we would wonder why they didn’t just bake us a cake. Or at least subsequently develop a craving to go get one ourselves. Seriously folks: Grease your bed frames.

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15. This note comes with a bonus

Nice parking note

A surprisingly nice note. | jixz via Reddit

Once in awhile, people make honest mistakes. After this person found someone in their parking spot, they gave them the benefit of the doubt. Every note should come with a pterodactyl, or at least a warning this nice and reasonable.

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