This Is the Surprising Personality Trait That Queen Elizabeth II and Melania Trump Have in Common

One is queen of the United Kingdom and the other is the first lady of the United States. One is British and the other Slovenian. One has bared it all as a model, and the other can’t be seen in public without her gloves. On the surface, it looks like Queen Elizabeth II and first lady Melania Trump couldn’t be any more different. But surprisingly enough, the two seem to share a surprising number of personality traits.

Read on to learn about all of the characteristics that Melania Trump and Queen Elizabeth II seem to share. And get the scoop on the biggest similarity between the two women on page 8.

8. Tenacity

Queen Elizabeth II attends a State Banquet on day in Berlin

She is the longest-serving monarch in a thousand years. | Michael Ukas – Pool/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II, as the longest-serving British monarch in a thousand years, has become known and respected for her tenacity in the face of what National Geographic characterizes as numerous social and political upheavals. She has made her fair share of mistakes during her long reign. But she has also learned from those mistakes. And she continues to evolve as a person and as a monarch.

A handwriting analyst — not the most traditional source, but Melania Trump is notably reticent to speak about herself — reported that the first lady’s handwriting reveals her tenacity, too. The handwriting analyst reports that the first lady’s penmanship signals that the first lady “is tenacious about holding on to whatever she acquires.” That can apply to both material and immaterial possessions and accomplishments.

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7. Listening skills

Melania Trump

She communicates with diplomacy and tact. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

The handwriting analyst also reports that Melania Trump has good listening skills, based on her penmanship. Others have speculated that the first lady “is a peacemaker by nature.” Melania reportedly communicates with others with diplomacy and tact. And some sources say that she has shown herself to be sensitive to and perceptive of others’ feelings.

Queen Elizabeth II, likewise, has the ability to diplomatically listen to others and respond to their concerns. National Geographic notes that Queen Elizabeth II has rarely, if ever, intentionally offended anyone. As The Independent notes, she listened to criticism, quite early in her reign, that she seemed “more old guard than avant-garde.” She still stuck with tradition, of course. But she also made the monarchy more accessible to the public.

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6. Direct communication

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

She is not afraid to tell him how she feels. | Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

Melania Trump’s handwriting also implies directness, according to the handwriting analyst. As The New Yorker reports, in public, “she is an enigmatic presence, often remaining silent.” Yet as People reports, the first lady says that she speaks directly behind closed doors. “To be married to my husband, to someone successful as he is, he needs somebody who will tell him the truth,” Melania Trump explained. She added, “I give a lot of advice to my husband and tell him how it is and how I see it. I’m not backing off. I tell him the truth.”

Queen Elizabeth II likely also has a direct communication style. (Even if, like Melania Trump, she keeps her opinions under wraps in public.) Forbes notes that the queen “doesn’t make any flashy speeches, almost never addresses public policy, and doesn’t go in for self-revealing interviews.” Yet she has quietly and steadily steered the British monarchy by making deliberate decisions — like having the royal family pay taxes or opening Buckingham Palace to public tours — that would have required some very direct conversations to implement.

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5. Discreet about weaknesses

queen elizabeth at buckingham palace in white

She represents the country. | Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The New Yorker reports that Melania Trump remains “discreet about her weaknesses.” In a distinctly un-American way, she “doesn’t attempt to bond by deprecating herself. She makes no apologies for her twenty-five-carat diamond (a gift from Trump for their tenth anniversary), her formal life style (‘He’s not a sweatpants child,’ she has said, of Barron), her multiple houses (‘Bye! I’m off to my #summer residence #countryside #weekend’).”

Similarly, Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t use her own personality or lifestyle as a topic of discussion. The Independent reports that in her duties as a monarch, “what she represents is not herself (because she has kept that to herself), but the state.” The publication notes that the queen acts as “the symbol of her country because she is the symbol of nothing else.” The publication adds of Elizabeth, “her self-effacement in public is her greatest quality.”

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4. Loyalty

Donald and Melania Trump

She has stayed by him through some pretty nasty scandals. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The handwriting analyst reports that Melania Trump’s penmanship reveals her loyalty, a characteristic that Queen Elizabeth II also shares. Melania Trump has famously stayed loyal to her husband. She stands by him even when he makes wildly unpopular comments about sex or women, criticizes a form of immigration that brought her parents to the United States, or sends tweets that make some Americans question the target of the first lady’s anti-bullying efforts.

The ultimate story of Queen Elizabeth II’s loyalty, likewise, involves her husband, Prince Philip. The two fell in love when the future queen was only 21 years old, according to Woman Magazine. They have weathered innumerable storms together during their seven decades together. E! News characterizes their marriage as “an epic study in stability, loyalty, stoicism, mutual admiration, respect and, of course, romance.”

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3. Self control

Queen Elizabeth II

She can’t let herself make mistakes since she represents the country itself. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Melania Trump has an impressive amount of self control, according to the handwriting analyst. As Vanity Fair reports, the first lady’s “manifesto” as Donald Trump’s partner seems to be her declaration, “I’m not a nagging wife.” The publication adds, “According to some of Trump’s friends and associates, she has stuck to it,” exercising self control throughout her marriage.

Self-control is also a characteristic that has served Queen Elizabeth II well during her time on the throne. The New York Times notes that the queen has exhibited “unfailing professionalism.” It takes a lot of self control to “personify orderly continuity from a majestic height,” as the Times characterizes her role.

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2. Reticence to share their opinions

US First Lady Melania Trump attends a roundtbale

She lets Donald do all the talking. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Both women show a reticence to speak about their politics or even their emotions. We know little about what Melania Trump thinks of her husband’s politics or presidency. As Vanity Fair reports, the first lady steps back and lets Donald Trump take centerstage, reportedly speaking only when spoken to. And Trump, when asked whether you ever get used to living in opulence like the Trumps do, simply responded, without irony or humor, “Yeah, you get used to it. Yeah.”

Neither Melania Trump nor Queen Elizabeth II wears her heart on her sleeve. And neither speaks much about politics. The queen has to remain politically neutral. And The Independent reports that she has done so to a fault. “The Queen’s smartest move is that she lets no one, aside from prime ministers and senior aides, have the slightest idea of her opinion on anything that matters,” the publication explains. Plus both women seem to avoid giving interviews and speaking to journalists, which leads us to our next point.

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1. Introversion

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (L) and Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, leave St Paul's Cathedral in London on March 13, 2015, after attending a memorial service to mark the end of Britain's combat operations in Afghanistan.

She uses her bag to send a message when she needs out of a conversation. | Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Reader’s Digest refers to Queen Elizabeth II as the world’s most famous introvert. She’s only given one interview since she ascended to the throne. Plus, she uses her handbag to tell her staff when she wants an event to end, or when she needs someone to get her out of an awkward conversation right away. And according to Reader’s Digest, the queen even found some common ground with Jacqueline Kennedy — whom she famously disliked — in that both were introverted women who found themselves in the limelight.

Melania Trump, similarly, seems to have landed in the spotlight despite her introversion. Many have alleged that she dislikes the constant attention she has had to tolerate since her husband became president. One source told People that the first lady is “intensely introverted” and “just wants to do her own thing.” She has kept a low profile as first lady, and has reportedly become so invisible that the paparazzi have stopped looking for her. The disappearing act seems consistent with her personality — though it’s definitely led to speculation about what she’s doing.

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