Photos of Jimmy Kimmel’s Pancake Creations Prove He’s a Way Better Chef Than You’d Expect

Jimmy Kimmel’s thriving comedy career has kept his audience in stitches for years now — cue the “I ate your Halloween candy” bit. Besides the reliable laughs, Kimmel knows how to whip it up in the kitchen, which anyone could agree is a very attractive quality. And from the looks of it, he didn’t take a cooking class last year. As an avid kitchen dweller myself, we would venture to guess Kimmel has enjoyed preparing delicious cuisine most of his life.

But the real kicker is the pancakes. They are a true work of art every single time, and for that, his daughter appears to be head over heels for him and his masterful creations. Check out these photos to see what Jimmy Kimmel has going on in his kitchen. (Hint: He’s a far better chef than you ever imagined.)

1. Thomas the Tank Engine debuts in pancake form

Thomas the Tank engine in pancake form
His daughter loved her edible Thomas. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

The ever-classic Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends franchise dates back to 1945, and kids still love it just as much today as they did back then (if not more). Kimmel’s daughter Jane appears to be no exception to the rule. And considering her dad managed to closely replicate a portrait of Thomas the Tank Engine in pancake form may have just won him the ‘Dad of the Year’ award.

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2. Smoked then grilled Super Bowl wings

grilled wings
He likely was the hero of his Super Bowl party. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Just like any other American, the Super Bowl seems to take center stage in the Kimmel household. Sure, maybe there was some chips and salsa on the table, but the real winner was undoubtedly the smoked-then-grilled chicken wings. And to top it off, he concocts a barbecue hot sauce to toss and coat the wings, with a little blue cheese dressing for dipping.

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3. Lightning McQueen pancakes

McQueen pancakes
He nailed it. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Yes, there has been yet another pancake masterpiece, and it comes in the form of Lightning McQueen. You know, from Cars? The craftsmanship and attention to detail that has been put into this pancake is of premium quality. He nailed the shape of the car, not to mention the lightning bolt and wheels proves that it’s no run of the mill operation happening at the Kimmel residence. Plus, Jane is absolutely delighted.

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4. Crab linguine, anyone?

Crab linguine
He does fine dining, too. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

The weekend is prime time for assembling one of your favorite dinners, and Kimmel would probably agree. Although, admittedly his go-to weekend dish puts to mine to shame. On his menu is a homemade crab linguine, with what appears to be a very homemade sauce (more on that later).

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5. He’s a legitimate grill master

He knows how to use his grill. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Being tasked with manning the grill is no small job. After all, without patience and attention, your food could easily go to hell in a handbasket. Kimmel, however, appears to have a keen understanding of how to work the grill. His Instagram is laden with photos of him perfectly charring go-to grillables like mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes.

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6. Peppa Pig pancake

Peppa Pig pancake
It’s a spin on bacon for breakfast. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Jane is once again in pancake heaven, and while I’m no expert, it appears to be very reminiscent of the esteemed Peppa Pig. The popular British cartoon has taken toddlers at large by storm, and Kimmel nailed it. Granted, it’s not bacon, but it will certainly do.

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7. The most amazing lasagna

Kimmel with lasagna noodle
He even makes his own pasta. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Everyone’s lasagna game needs to step up because Kimmel is rolling out his own pasta dough. Yes, his lasagna is truly made from scratch. Furthermore, he’s cooking his own sauce, meaning this lasagna may put your mother’s to shame. Once he layers in the homemade pasta, sauce, and cheese into the baking dish, he tops the lasagna with thick cuts of burrata or mozzarella on top. Maybe Jimmy can share this recipe.

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8. Happy Halloween pancakes

Halloween pancakes
Nothing says Halloween like a “FlapJack O’Lantern.” | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

For all the Halloween lovers out there, this is for you (and Jane). Kimmel nails it again with a trifecta of spooky goodness, meaning the kiddo is in Halloween-morning bliss. The breakfast plate, complete with a well put-together ghost, “FlapJack O’Lantern,” and an impressively winged bat officially has me wondering exactly how Chef Kimmel is pulling off these masterpieces.

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9. Holiday seafood delicacies

seafood delicacies
He likes a good seafood dinner. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

When the holidays come knocking, it’s a privilege and luxury to pull out the finest of ingredients. So, that’s precisely what Kimmel did. With the help of little Jane, the two prepped a delectable Christmas Eve dinner of seafood. The festive gathering is better known as The Feast of Seven Fishes, which is an Italian-American feast of fish and other ocean delights.

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10. Cupid Valentine’s pancakes

Cupid Valentine's pancakes
It’s love on a plate. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Typically, it’s the children getting the most kicks out of Valentine’s Day. Sharing candy and love notes with schoolmates is a highlight, but Cupid Valentine’s pancakes may hold first place for little Jane. Red-headed and armed with a bow, Cupid was surrounded on the plate by individually cooked pancake hearts. And because of that, Kimmel won Valentine’s.

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11. Oscar the Grouch pancakes for Oscar Sunday

Grouch pancakes for Oscar Sunday
We’re impressed by his Oscars-day art. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

The fact that Kimmel not only hosted the Oscars for the second time but also managed to wake up early enough to produce an Oscar the Grouch pancake for his kids speaks volume to his fatherhood skills. Most celebrities were running around like loons, while the host of the show was leisurely whipping up breakfast art.

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12. 6:56 a.m. post-Oscar pancakes

Are they doughnuts or pancakes? | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

To boot, Kimmel rose to the occasion again, using what appears to be leftover pancake batter to prepare doughnut-inspired break-of-dawn pancakes for Jane. Because as any parent understands, no matter how fantastic of a night you may have had, the children still rise at the same exact time. And in this case, it was 6:56 a.m.

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13. Independence Day sliders

Independence Day sliders
We want to celebrate the Fourth with him. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

The Fourth of July beckons the classic American fare — burgers. Yet somehow, a slider comes off as a more hip approach to the tradition. Nevertheless, Kimmel manned the grill in order to present a substantial platter of sliders for his guests. At least we hope there were guests involved.

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14. Perfect pasta sauce

pasta sauce
He makes his sauce the old-fashioned way. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Any Italian-blooded family has a pasta recipe that has managed to forge its way through the family tree. One can only assume that is the recipe Kimmel uses when he prepares the giant vat of pasta sauce consistently making Instagram cameos. His tomatoes of choice are none other than Bianco DiNapoli’s organic whole tomatoes, because anyone knows it all starts with the right tomatoes.

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15. Jimmy simply adores food

Jimmy Kimmel holding a sandwich
The guy loves food. | Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram

Food equals life, love, and happiness — especially for Kimmel. Both his travels and home life are inspired by food, and I must say it all looks positively delightful. Now, if we could just get him to share some of his delicious, family recipes, fans would be even happier.

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