These Photos of Melania Trump Prove She’s Not as Miserable at the White House as People Think

The first lady is a very private person. So when Americans want to know how she feels about life in the White House, photos of Melania Trump are as useful a source as any. Many people think that Melania Trump really hates living at the White House with Donald Trump. And some think that photos — and even videos — of the first lady and the president prove it. But there are two sides to every story. And for every photo of Melania Trump looking miserable, there’s another image that shows she might actually be enjoying at least some aspects of life at the White House.

Below, check out the photos of Melania Trump that reveal that the first lady may not be as miserable as some people think she is.

1. The first lady has chosen a cause to work on

Melania having a meeting on cyber safety

She surely looks excited to be working on new projects. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Melania Trump took her time moving into the White House and settling into the role of first lady. She also delayed launching her official agenda. But recent photos of Melania Trump seem to reveal that the first lady enjoys that part of her role. Trump posted the photo above after a meeting on “cyber safety.” During that meeting, the first lady and representatives from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and others discussed “how to teach our children to be responsible digital citizens,” a cause that the first lady is focusing on during her husband’s time in office.

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2. Melania Trump gets to spend time with children

Melania Trump playing with children exposed to opioids

Melania Trump loves children, and this photo proves it. | Melania Trump via Instagram

By all accounts, Melania Trump is a devoted mother to her son, Barron. And some of the photos that seem to prove that she’s enjoying life as first lady capture the moments she spends with other young children. The first lady posted the photo above after a visit to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where she seemed to love spending time with some of the hospital’s patients.

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3. She also gets to answer kids’ questions

Melania Trump hugging a child at a youth center

Trump enjoys talking to the younger generations. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Unlike her husband, who doesn’t always seem to remember how to talk to small children, Melania Trump seems to enjoy talking with young kids.  In the caption for the photo above — which was taken at a youth center at Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County, Maryland — Trump wrote about meeting with “fun and smart kids” who had “very good questions” for the first lady.

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4. Melania Trump can decorate the White House however she’d like

Melania Trump decorating the White House

The White House has spruced up thanks to Melania’s styling. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Another sign that Melania Trump is actually having fun living at the White House? The few photos that have surfaced of the first lady overseeing the decorating or remodeling at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The first lady hired a Ralph Lauren designer to change the White House’s private quarters. Congress allocated her a $100,000 budget to redecorate, but the Trumps reportedly spent $1.75 million (of their own money) on new furniture for the residence. The first lady has also chosen gorgeous decorations for holidays and state dinners, something she seems to enjoy doing.

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5. She can host over-the-top holiday celebrations

Melania Trump watching a dancer in the White House around Christmas

She decked out the White House for Christmas just as we expected. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Similarly, Melania Trump can decorate for the holidays — and celebrate them — how she chooses. Many Americans loved the decorations that the first lady chose for the 2017 holiday season, including a 350-pound gingerbread house,  53 Christmas trees, a “book tree,” and a dramatic branch-lined hallway in the East Wing. Plus, who wouldn’t love the ballet performance that the first lady is watching in the photo above?

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6. Melania Trump gets to fly on Air Force One

Melania Trump in front of Air Force One

Her flights are nothing like ours. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Another fun perk of being the first lady? Getting to travel on Air Force One, the presidential plane. The aircraft has 4,000 square feet of floor space and can serve full meals to up to 100 people at one time. Melania Trump has been photographed numerous times getting on and off the presidential plane, but in the photo above, she poses with members of Texas law enforcement in front of Air Force One.

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7. She also gets to travel around the world

Melania Trump visiting a panda

Who wouldn’t love this opportunity? | Melania Trump via Instagram

Donald Trump loves traveling, at least domestically. And as photos of Melania Trump and Donald Trump reveal, the president and first lady routinely jet off to destinations such as the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, during their downtime. But they also take international trips in an official capacity. On one of those trips, Melania Trump got to meet Gu Gu, a giant panda who lives at the Beijing Zoo.

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8. The first lady dines in style at home or abroad

Melania dining with Sara Netanyahu

She enjoys the finer things in life, including great food. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Donald Trump has famously simple tastes when it comes to food. (He loves fast food, and doesn’t eat a lot of vegetables or fruits.) Nonetheless, Melania Trump seems to enjoy the finer things in life. That likely includes food, even as she tends to eat a very healthy diet. In the photo above, the first lady enjoys a meal with Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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9. She can visit beautiful art museums

Melania Trump visiting an art gallery

She gets the opportunity to experience more art than most of us. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Another fun privilege of visiting with foreign heads of state and other dignitaries? Visiting museums, historical sites, and other attractions as part of the official role of first lady. In the photo above, Melania Trump visits the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., with Brigitte Macron, the wife of the president of France.

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10. Melania Trump has an extensive — and expensive — wardrobe

Melania Trump greeting first lady Kim

She always looks amazing, no matter where she goes. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Taxpayers don’t foot the bill for Melania Trump’s wardrobe. But all the official appearances and meetings that come with the first lady role just give Trump more opportunities to wear the most beautiful pieces in her closet. The first lady has a very expensive wardrobe, more expensive than that of her predecessor, Michelle Obama. And as a former model, Trump usually looks quite imposing in photographs, whether she’s wearing J. Crew or Valentino or something in between.

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11. She gets to spend plenty of time with her family

Melania Trump being photographed by Barron

She certainly has a special bond with Barron. | Melania Trump via Instagram

Many photos of Melania Trump have shown the first lady enjoying time with her family. Trump seems to prefer to keep her private life, well, private. But she reportedly thinks of her son, Barron, as her top priority no matter what else is going on at the White House. Though she presents herself very differently than her predecessor, Michelle Obama — who relished her “mom-in-chief” image — Melania Trump clearly thinks that family is important no matter what.

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