How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon and Other Tips for Selecting the Best Produce

There’s nothing worse than expensive fruit going bad just days after you bought it. Aside from bringing a farmer shopping with you, what’s the best way to assess produce quality before you buy? Rather than guessing, follow these handy tips for selecting the juiciest fruits and crispiest veggies. (Never lug home a bad watermelon again on page 10.)

1. Get a better head of lettuce

green salad Romano

Green, leafy lettuce |

The most important thing to look for when you’re lettuce shopping is crisp leaves. Wilted, weathered leaves that are yellow or brown or dark green and slimy indicate that the lettuce has passed its point of freshness. The outer leaves are usually most susceptible to damage, but even they should be visually appealing and stiff. However, a brown stem on the lettuce is totally normal and does not indicate that the lettuce has gone bad.

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