These 3 Presidents Had a Great Time Watching Golf Together — and Donald Trump Wasn’t One of Them

When you think of presidents who love to play golf, Donald Trump is first to mind. After all, the guy’s a total fanatic about the sport. But when it came to the 2017 Presidents Cup, Trump was nowhere to be found — at least not until the trophy ceremony.

Trump did drop by on the last day, but the real fun occurred at the start of the four-day golf event. On day one, three former presidents gathered to watch some golf, and the results were nothing short of a morale boost for the entire country.

Without further ado, here’s how everything went down at the 2017 Presidents Cup Golf Tournament.

1. 3 former presidents attended the Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey

The Presidents Cup Golf Tournament with Obama, Bush and Clinton

The three former presidents seem to get along great. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

In an unprecedented feel-good photo shoot, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama were seen palling around on September 28, 2017. Don’t think that such a joyous occasion could exist among three former presidents? Think again.

Lucky for us, there’s plenty of photo evidence to prove it.

2. They appeared to be having a ball at the tournament

The Presidents Cup Golf Tournament with Obama, Bush and Clinton

It raises millions for charity. | Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Don’t let the name of the tournament fool you. The Presidents Cup doesn’t actually feature presidents playing golf. It is, however, a pretty big deal — the event has raised over $10 million in charity over the years.

Clinton, Bush, and Obama were in attendance for the tournament’s opening round. And according to USA Today, “The trio took selfies with members of the American team, greeted the players’ wives and took in the scene on a blustery afternoon.” How precious!

3. Trump arrived on the last day of the tournament, just in time for the trophy ceremony

Trump Exiting Helicopter for President's Cup

It’s tradition that he shows up. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

On October 1, 2017, the president made his arrival in true Trump fashion. Taking his Marine One helicopter on a 40-mile trip, he flew from Trump National Golf Club Bedminster to Liberty National Golf Club — both of which are in New Jersey.

Because Trump was the head of state of the host nation, he pretty much had to make an appearance. Since 1998, it’s been a tradition that the head of state of the host nation — whichever nation that may be in any given year — is an honorary chairman of the event. But there’s one thing that Trump did that was unexpected.

4. Trump made history when he took part in the awards ceremony

The Presidents Cup Donald Trump giving trophy

He was pretty pleased the U.S. won. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Clearly, Trump was rather pleased with the U.S. team’s win. How could he not be? Given his affinity for golf, we’d imagine that he had quite the proud papa moment. So naturally, he had to get in there himself.

While everyone fully expected Trump to be an honorary chairman of the event, his decision to be a part of the ceremony itself was somewhat of a break in tradition. In fact, he was “the first such dignitary to take part in the trophy ceremony,” USA Today reported.

5. Trump took aim at the 3 former presidents on the last day of the ceremony


He took to bashing the former presidents on Twitter. | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Just a few short days after the country was reveling in the pure joy of seeing Clinton, Bush, and Obama’s smiling faces, Trump had to put a damper on things. Not surprisingly, he took to Twitter to bash the three most recent commanders in chief and their actions while in office.

“Being nice to Rocket Man hasn’t worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won’t fail,” he tweeted.

6. Trump dedicated the win to those affected by the 2017 hurricanes, and got heckled for it

Donald Trump presents trophy at Presidents Cup

At least he included it this time. | Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

After reading Trump’s speech, it’s no wonder why it wasn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser.

“On behalf of all the people of Texas, and all of the people of… if you look today you will see what’s happening and how horrible it is — but we have it under really great control — Puerto Rico and the people of Florida that have really suffered over this last short period of time with the hurricanes, I want to just remember them and we’re going to dedicate this trophy to all of those people who went through so much,” Trump said.

And as Deadline reports, one spectator was heard saying, “You don’t give a sh*t about Puerto Rico.” Yikes.

7. But hey, at least we know that Clinton, Bush, and Obama can share a few laughs together

The Presidents Cup Golf Tournament with Obama, Bush and Clinton

It was a pleasant surprise to see all of them getting along so well. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Let’s end on a good note here, shall we? Regardless of how you feel about Trump’s arrival, participation, or speech, we can all agree on at least one thing: The tournament produced some pretty epic shots of Clinton, Bush, and Obama. So there’s that.

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