15 Products That Will Make You Say ‘Wish I Thought of That’

Have you ever had one of those “a ha” moments? Did you think of an invention that would change the world forever? Some little inventions really make us wonder how we lived so long without them. Check out these life-saving smart products you’ll wish you thought of first.

1. This tip jar that lets you use a credit card


Because who carries cash anymore? | DipJar via Facebook

We all know the struggle. You grab a coffee from your favorite corner shop, only to discover you have no cash. The inventors of DipJar figured out a way to make your barista happy without carrying around a pocketful of change. The credit card tip jar makes everyone’s life easier, and encourages you to tip your bartender.

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2. A sticker revealing your avocado’s ripeness

Avocado sticker ripe

It’s pretty genius. | q0__0p via Reddit

It can get really hard to tell whether an avocado has reached peak ripeness. And nothing ruins a perfectly good morning like cutting into a rotten avocado and realizing your toast has to go dry. Fortunately, a New Zealand company called Freshmax has come out with stickers that show you the avocado’s ripeness. Get with the program, America. Let’s make these babies standard already.

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3. A vending machine that never gets stuck

woman using a modern beverage vending machine

The technology is in all its vending machines. | kasto80/iStock/Getty Images

It’s the stuff of the snack break nightmares. You go to the vending machine to grab a quick candy bar, and your sweet treat gets stuck in the loop. SureVend to the rescue! The company’s unique technology uses sensors to detect whether or not the product has dropped. Its spirals will keep turning up to three times, to give the product a chance to deliver. If it does not, the machine automatically refunds your money.

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4. A microwave with a ‘sound off’ button

Detail of male hand while using the microwave

No more nanoy| Rostislav_Sedlacek/iStock/Getty Images

Maybe you just want to warm up a snack while the baby naps. Or maybe you get a late-night snack attack and don’t want to wake up the whole house. Whatever the reason, sometimes we want to keep our heating methods quiet. Enter the microwave “sound off” button. Get rid of that annoying beeping, and enjoy hot food in peace.

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5. A coffee menu that shows what you’re getting

Coffee menu

It spells it all out for you. | mister86japan via Youtube

With all of the coffee options out there, non-baristas can easily get confused. Do you want an Americano or a Macchiato? What’s the difference between a Flat White and a Cappuccino again? This menu solves that problem with easy-to-understand pictures. Never get order anxiety again.

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6. A shop that gives you a discount for bringing back their pen

Stolen pen

All those stolen pens add up. | JustinX1015x via Reddit

I don’t know about you, but most of my pens come from doctor’s offices, restaurants, and the occasional insurance salesman. If you also steal pens from places of business, this auto repair shop has your number. But it also offers a discount if you bring them back. Talk about a clever way to get return business — and your pens back.

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7. A black towel for makeup removal

No more dirty towels. | Ace Hotel

How many creamy white hotel towels have you ruined by wiping off eyeliner at the end of the night? If the number comes in higher than 0, you need this towel. It hides a multitude of sins, and always looks great doing it. And yes, the hotel sells them so you can toss one in your suitcase and never get caught without it again.

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8. A toilet that sings, heats your bum, and cleans itself

Kohler Numi toilet

The features are insane. | Kohler

Most of us can’t afford a $6,400 toilet, but the Numi comes with features that make it sound almost worth it. The fancy Japanese toilet can play music to hide bathroom noises, features a heated seat, and even cleans itself. You can even save your toilet profile, so it remembers your preferences. Necessary? No. Luxurious? Oh yeah.

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9. Coffee ice cubes keep your drink full-strength all the way down

Coffee ice cubes

No more watery iced coffee. | Starbucks Coffee via Youtube

The bottom of iced coffee can get watery and disappointing, but it does not have to. Enter coffee ice cubes, the best way to keep your coffee tasting just the way you like it, all the way to the last sip. At home, just freeze coffee and toss the cubes into your drink. As they melt, they will also add to your coffee experience. Talk about making the world a better place.

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10. A clicker with a built-in bottle opener

the clicker bottle opener

For beer and TV nights. | Amazon

You settle in to watch your favorite show. Grab a bottle of your beer of choice, a bowl of popcorn, maybe a cozy blanket. And then you forget your bottle does not have a twist-off cap. Never fear! The clicker comes with a built-in bottle opener, saving the day. With this handy doodad, you can reach peak relaxation in no time.

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11. An elevator with foot buttons

Elevator foot buttons

For when you’ve got your hands full. | WharFalcon via Reddit

It can get very challenging to push elevator buttons when you have your hands full. Whether you tried to grab all of your groceries in one go or have to carry your child upstairs, those little buttons can seem impossible. This elevator prevents that problem with foot buttons. Why doesn’t every lift come that way?

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12. A picnic table with spots for kids and wheelchairs

Picnic table kids wheelchairs

Everyone can be included. | FatTortoise via Reddit

This visually pleasing picnic table means the whole family can eat together. That includes wheelchair users, a child in a high chair, kids, and adults. Its swooping design also features no hard edges, so kids can’t run into it and hurt themselves. Does it get any better designed than that?

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13. A pickle jar with a tiny elevator

Pickle jar

It’s a breakthrough. | unthused via Redditt

In Europe, they really have pickle jars figured out. Instead of fishing around with your fingers or a fork, they come equipped with a cute little elevator for getting them out. Forget universal healthcare, parental leave, or more vacation time. Let’s get these pickle jars across the pond.

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14. A CPR machine teaches you how to save a life

CPR practice machine

You can practice without taking a class. | Brian Kersey/Getty Images for The American Heart Association

While CPR saves lives, not everyone knows how to do it. This CPR machine lets people practice the technique, without having to take a class. You should probably learn from a real human first, but in the event of an emergency, this could also help.

Next: This last one might seem macabre, but it could really make a difference.

15. Suicide prevention signs at train tracks

Suicide prevention signs

They can’t hurt. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Every year, about 43 people successfully commit suicide by train. If those people knew where to turn, that number might decrease. One train line decided to try, placing a suicide prevention hotline number near the tracks. The jury remains out on whether it helps or not, but the effort certainly can’t hurt.

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