Queen Elizabeth’s Dogs Get Their Food Catered (and Other Shocking Facts About the Royal Family’s Dogs)

Queen Elizabeth II is known around the world for her love of corgis. While she’s arguably the most dog-obsessed member of the British royal family, many royals love dogs. And their dogs are practically royals themselves. Ahead, find out how the dogs get the royal treatment and why the queen’s dog are No. 1 at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth’s dogs eat catered food

Female Chef in restaurant kitchen cooking
The royal dogs get only the best. | iStock.com/Kzenon

According to Hello! Magazine, Brian Hoey’s book, Pets by Royal Appointment, says the queen’s dogs eat food prepared by a chef. Their food is made from scratch using fresh ingredients. The book also says the dogs’ menu is typed up every day and displayed in the kitchen.

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Each menu is dog-specific for Queen Elizabeth’s dogs

Chefs meticulously prepare a meal plan for each dog. | iStock.com

The dogs don’t all eat the same food for dinner. Each meal is designed based on each dog’s specific needs. Animal behaviorist and corgi trainer Dr. Roger Mugford told Town and Country, “Each dog had an individually designed menu, including an array of homeopathic and herbal remedies.” Mugford added the dogs eat out of “an eclectic collection of battered silver and porcelain dishes.”

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Prince Charles’ dog started a massive dog hunt

Jack Russell Terrier in a boat
Pooh was a Jack Russell terrier. | iStock.com/Anna-av

In 1994, Prince Charles was walking his dogs, Tigga and Pooh, at the family’s 50,000-acre Balmoral estate when Pooh ran away, according to The Telegraph. When the dog didn’t come back, Prince Charles placed a newspaper ad offering a reward for his lost dog. He received tips from estate workers, psychics, gillies, and bailiffs. But he never saw the dog again.

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The queen’s dogs eat promptly at 5 p.m.

Bulldog with carrot in mouth
Meal time is the same every day for the royal dogs. | iStock.com/Damedeeso

The dogs keep to a tight schedule, Hello! Magazine reports. They eat dinner every night at 5 p.m. when their food is delivered from the kitchen. The queen sometimes pours gravy over the food before feeding them dinner herself.

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Her Majesty’s dogs go on multiple walks a day

Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke
The queen’s corgis get plenty of exercise. | Anna-av/iStock/Getty Images

The dogs get exercise by walking the grounds of Buckingham Palace, according to Hello! Magazine. First thing in the morning, a footman takes Queen Elizabeth’s dogs on a walk. Then, after lunch, the queen takes her dogs on a walk. And the queen has even been photographed walking her dogs along the beach when she travels.

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The queen’s dogs get handmade Christmas stockings

Christmas always includes the dogs. | iStock.com

Supposedly, Queen Elizabeth makes a stocking for each of her dogs every year for Christmas. Their stockings are filled with treats and toys, Hello! Magazine says.

Plus, the queen (sort of) wore a corgi Christmas sweater in 2013 during the holidays according to Elle. The royal family at Madame Tussauds wax museum were decked out in holiday sweaters to raise awareness for Save the Children.

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William and Kate included their dogs in a family photo

Royal Family
The duke and duchess like to include their pets in official family photos. | Michael Middleton-WPA Pool/Getty Images

After the birth of their first child, George, the family sat for a portrait that included two dogs. According to Elle, Will and Kate’s own dog, Lupo, and a Middleton family dog, Tilly, were featured in the photo. The palace released a series of photos for Prince George’s third birthday, including one of him feeding Lupo ice cream. The seemingly cute photo has now become quite controversial, according to Today.

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Elizabeth’s dogs run the castle

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge laughs as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II gestures as they watch part of a children's sports event
You don’t mess with the queen’s dogs. | Phil Noble/AFP/Getty Images

The queen’s dogs cannot be disciplined by anyone on the royal family’s staff. “Nobody is allowed to raise a finger or a voice to any of the dogs. They cock their legs and do what Corgis do wherever they want — on antique furniture, priceless carpets,” Brian Hoey said in his book, Not In Front Of The Corgis.

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The queen’s dogs are famous

Daniel Craig played James Bond for the clip. | MGM

Queen Elizabeth II filmed a short video clip with actor Daniel Craig as James Bond at Buckingham Palace for the 2012 Olympics. The dogs have a supporting role in the clip, but they arguably steal the show. The video shows James Bond entering Buckingham Palace where he’s followed by the queen’s dogs. Then, the dogs watch James Bond and the queen take off in a helicopter for the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

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Dogs travel with the queen

Corgi dog soft focus
The staff members aren’t usually happy to travel with the queen’s corgis. | iStock/Getty Images

The queen’s dogs often travel abroad with her, Mashable says. According to Darren McGrady, a former royal chef, the staff didn’t look forward to traveling with her dogs. “The dogs would lay by your feet and you’d get dog hairs everywhere. You’d try and push them away without them yelping at you,” McGrady told Good Housekeeping.

The queen has made a habit of traveling with her dogs since her honeymoon in 1947. Vanity Fair says the queen’s corgi, Susan, accompanied her and husband, Prince Philip, on their honeymoon.

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The family rescues dogs

Camilla took over as royal patron for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. | Chris Radburn/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, has rescued two dogs. The duchess adopted two Jack Russells, named Beth and Bluebell, from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London, the Daily Mail says. She’s since become a royal patron for the home. The duchess took over the role after Queen Elizabeth II stepped down in 2016 after 60 years of service, according to Dog Tipper.

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There’s a royal pet cemetery

Blank White In Middle
Queen Victoria started the tradition. | iStock.com/Yogibehr

All the queen’s dogs — except one —  have been laid to rest at a designated pet cemetery. According to the Mirror, the pet cemetery began when Queen Victoria buried her collie, Noble, at the Sandringham estate in 1887. Queen Elizabeth II began burying pets there in 1959 when her first corgi, Susan, died. Prince Charles has created memorials for his pets at the cemetery near their graves.

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The queen doesn’t tolerate jokes at her dogs’ expense

Bartender pouring strong alcoholic drink into glasses
The employee played a cruel joke, which had a tragic ending. | Bogdanhoda/iStock/Getty images

According to BBC News, a royal footman was demoted after he allegedly poured gin and whiskey in the dogs’ water and food dishes. BBC News said, the footman “would only make the dogs tipsy when the Queen was away, to entertain other staff members at Buckingham Palace.” All this happened in 1999 as a party trick. The palace found out after one of the dogs died and an autopsy was performed revealing the dog had alcohol in his system.

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The queen’s dogs have their own room

Buckingham palace guards
The dogs live in luxury at the palace. | Leon Neal/Getty Images

According to Hello! Magazine, the dogs have their own room, appropriately named the Corgi Room, at Buckingham Palace. The queen’s dogs can do whatever they like in their room. The dogs sleep in raised wicker beds that get clean sheets every day. The queen mother started the tradition of giving the dogs clean sheets daily.

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Ziggy of Denmark appeared on magazine covers

Border collie drinking water
Ziggy was a border collie. | Oneinchpunch/iStock/Getty Images

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary received their dog, Ziggy, as a wedding gift from the Danish Kennel Club in 2005, according to Daily Mail. Ziggy lived with the prince and princess at the royal castle. Throughout his life, Ziggy became a national celebrity in Denmark and appeared on magazine covers. Ziggy died in April 2017 at age 12.

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