Amazing but Rare Dog Breeds Only a True Dog Expert Would Know

Think you’re a dog expert? Then prove it! You can probably identify all the of the dog breeds you see regularly at the park, but do you know the names of obscure dog breeds? Many are just as awesome as more popular dog breeds, even if they aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club. But you see them┬ástrolling around the city or running around the dog park a whole lot less.

Read on to test your knowledge of the most rare dog breeds.

Breed No. 1

Black Skye Terrier in the garden

This dog breed hails from an island in Scotland. |

Let’s start with a dog breed that’s rare, but not totally unheard of. The AKC reports that this medium-sized dog is typically courageous and good-tempered. The breed has a reputation for agility and strength, and also for “elegance and dignity.” These small dogs become devoted to their family members, but sometimes they have a stubborn streak. Need another clue? They were originally bred for hunting foxes on an island in Scotland.

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