The 1 Reason You Need to Travel to These 15 Cities Right Now

A majority of Americans believe man-made climate change is real. However, one of the millions on the other side of the discussion is the one person who can do something about it. Judging by his policies, President Donald Trump doesn’t want to do anything about global warming. Considering his prized Mar-a-Lago resort is in the climate change danger zone, he should care.

One study shows climate change and risings seas will have huge impacts on these 15 cities by 2050. We’re sorting the U.S. cities most affected by climate change by population, finishing with the city where the most people are at risk.

15. Miami Gardens, Fla.

Miami Gardens

Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, could be underwater in a few decades. | Aneese/iStock/Getty Images

  • Estimated current population: 113,058
  • 2050 at-risk population: 72,000

The NFL’s Miami Dolphins recently upgraded their stadium in Miami Gardens, adding a roof and living room furniture. It won’t make any difference in 2050 when the city will regularly be inundated by storm surges and rising seas. Going to games will be a lot tougher when water gets in the way.

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