7 Reasons Investing in Her Garden Is 1 of the Best Design Decisions Joanna Gaines Has Ever Made

It’s no secret that Joanna Gaines is the ultimate plant lady. After all, she pretty much lived in her “I Love Plants” shirt while filming Fixer Upper. From houseplants to homegrown fruits and veggies, it seems as if Joanna loves gardening as much as (if not more than) renovating houses. And with a garden like hers, who could blame her?

Ahead, we take a look at the top reasons why investing in her farmhouse garden was one of the best design decisions Joanna Gaines has ever made — plus, the genius way she uses the garden for profit (page 5).

1. A space of her own

Joanna Gaines' home garden on Instagram

Joanna Gaines’ home garden on Instagram | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

One of the best things about Joanna’s backyard garden? It’s her own paradise! With four kids and a baby on the way, Chip and Joanna have a full house — and a full house equals no alone time.

Prior to her garden, Joanna claimed the laundry room as her favorite place in the house to go for peace and quiet. Now, with a variety of fruits and veggies to tend to, Joanna can escape to her she-shed for some much needed quiet time.

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2. She’s teaching her kids to eat their fruits and veggies

Joanna Gaines' children

Joanna Gaines’ children on Instagram | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

The garden isn’t just reserved for Joanna — it’s for her kids, too. Gardening can be a great way to teach kids about where their fruits and veggies come from, as well as make them more excited to eat said fruits and veggies (something even Joanna has struggled with).

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3. She saves money on fresh produce

Woman pays for produce

A woman pays for her produce. | wherelifeishidden/iStock/Getty Images 

Another reason adding a garden to the farmhouse was one of Joanna’s best ideas? She always has fresh produce on hand.

Whether it’s herbs for cooking or fruit for snacking, Joanna doesn’t have to make last-minute trips to the grocery store or worry about the price of produce as much as she used to.

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4. Her chickens work double duty

When building her garden, Joanna wanted a nontoxic way to keep pests at bay. Her solution? A chicken run. Not only do the chickens help keep the Texas bugs under control, they also provide her with fresh eggs for cooking and baking.

According to Joanna’s cookbook, breakfast is her family’s favorite meal of the day, so having an abundance of fresh eggs is a must.

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5. She doesn’t have to buy produce for her restaurant, Magnolia Table

Magnolia table cookbook

Joanna Gaines’ book with wooden spoons | Magnolia

Most of Joanna’s garden is reserved for her family. But a handful of crops — including her watermelon radish — ends up on the plates of Magnolia Table customers. Joanna brings a whole new meaning to farm-to-table. She provides her restaurant customers with homegrown seasonal produce and fresh eggs.

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6. It has a theme

Joanna Gaines' bookshelf stocked with gardening books

Joanna Gaines’ bookshelf stocked with gardening books | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

When it comes to design, Joanna is really good at creating a theme without being too obvious. Her garden shed — which looks more like a little cottage than something you’d buy at Costco — features a lot of gardening supplies and decorative items without feeling too gimmicky and overdone.

One of our favorite features? The bookshelf stocked with her personal collection of gardening books and jars of seeds and potting soil.

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7. She can use it for work

Joanna Gaines writes about her collaboration with Matilda Jane on instagram.

Joanna Gaines writes about her collaboration with Matilda Jane on Instagram. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Joanna doesn’t just use her garden and shed for quiet time. She uses it for work, too. Not only did she film the entire renovation for Fixer Upper, she has also used it for photo shoots and inspiration.

Case in point: Her second collaboration with children’s clothing brand Matilda Jane was inspired by life on the farm and her garden was featured in the collection look-book.

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