Reasons People Hate Tom Brady

Football fans are champing at the bit to watch Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 4, 2018. The Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots promises to be an exciting game, and rabid fans of both teams will be out in droves.

Tom Brady will serve as New England’s quarterback, and all eyes will be on him during the kickoff. The star quarterback has won five Super Bowls, two NFL MVP awards, and four Super Bowl MVP awards — and he’s quite a controversial figure.

Find out what people hate about Tom Brady — and why. Decide for yourself if the haters have a point.

1. He’s at the top of his game

He already won a trophy in 2017. | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Naturally, anyone rooting for the Eagles will hate Tom Brady because he very well might lead the Patriots to a win. In 2017, he came back from a challenging first half to wipe out a 25-point deficit and win – for the first time in Super Bowl history — in overtime.

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2. He plays for the wrong team

Having a dynasty like theirs feels evil to some. | Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images

According to Metro Philadelphia sports editor Evan Macy, the Patriots “are the modern evil empire.” Many Eagles fans feel the same way.

Macy told Metro that, “Every time I think about them Darth Vader’s theme song plays in my head. Having good teams is good for a sport. Having great teams is better. Having a dynasty is rare and seeing one team win all the time gets old. It’s like capitalism — we want people to get rich, but not diabolically rich. The Pats are diabolically rich.”

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3. He won’t talk about his injury

Being good isn’t an excuse to be rude. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Metro sports editor Evan Macy says Brady is smug, and many agree. Macy said, “Did you see Brady after he hurt his hand last week talk to the media? How about a little respect? That’s not exactly brevity. Just because you are really good at football you’re allowed to give gigglingly short answers to important questions?”

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4. He won’t come clean about Deflategate

He refuses to even talk about it. | Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Just after the Patriots beat Indianapolis Colts in the 2015 AFC Championship Game, Bob Kravitz, a Colts reporter, broke a story that the NFL was looking into allegations that the Patriots used underinflated footballs in the game.

Tom Brady won’t even talk about it. During an interview with WEEI’s “Kirk and Callahan,” he was asked if he was comfortable with how Patriots owner Robert Kraft handled Deflategate, to which he replied, “I have no comment on that. I try and put things in the rear-view mirror and move on.”

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5. He likes Donald Trump

Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots looks on from the bench in the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles on August 9, 2013 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Well that’s not going to go over well with a lot of people. | Elsa/Getty Images

According to Metro sports editor Evan Macy, Tom Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are friends with Donald Trump. This news has Trump opposers up in arms. During Trump’s campaign, Brady kept a hat with the slogan “Make America Great Again” in his locker room. That alienated about what, half the country?

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9. Tom Brady Sr.

Tom Brady and Father

His father fought his battle for him. | NFL via Youtube

According to Sportsnet, one reason people are hating on Tom Brady is because his dad went to bat for him regarding Deflategate. Apparently, people don’t like when you don’t fight your own battles. When Brady’s dad went public saying that his boy had been wronged, it didn’t help Tom Jr.’s rep one bit.

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10. He left Bridget Moynahan

Actress Bridget Moynahan and quarterback Tom Brady

He didn’t show up for the birth of his son. | Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Tom Brady used to have a reputation for being perfect, according to Sportsnet. When he broke up with actress Bridget Moynahan, however, people were mad. Not only did he immediately start seeing his now-wife Gisele Bundchen, he later found out that Moynahan was pregnant. When Brady didn’t show up in the delivery room for the birth of his son, people got even angrier with him.

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11. He married Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady at the Costume Institute Gala.

They’re so closely intertwined these days in public opinion. | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

It’s tough not to hate a guy who has it all, right? When Brady married supermodel Gisele Bundchen, probably every guy in the world hated him for that alone.

His beautiful wife is a very supportive partner, but sometimes she goes a bit far, according to Sportsnet. When she made a negative remark about one of Brady’s teammates — Wes Welker, who dropped an important pass in the Super Bowl — people’s opinions of her became negative, which of course affected Brady’s reputation.

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12. He’s really talented

He’s annoyingly good. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Sure, Tom Brady lovers obviously dig how good he is, but his haters hate it. According to Metro, he has an unbeatable lifetime win-loss record of any quarterback in NFL history with 208 wins against 61 losses.

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13. He likely owns your team

At least the Broncos can feel good. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Unless you root for the Patriots or the Broncos, Tom Brady has won a game against your team — and if he has, of course you hate him. According to Metro, he has a winning record against every team he’s played in the NFL — except the Broncos.

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14. He made Oakland fans bitter

They understandably hold a grudge. | Getty Images

Raiders fans instantly became Brady haters when some arcane football rule was used to overturn a fumble Brady made — and Oakland lost because of it. Naturally, Raiders fans hold a grudge.

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15. He’s 40 and still going strong

Tom Brady Electrolyte water

He’s doing everything he can to stay in the game. | Tom Brady via Instagram

Brady turned 40 on Aug. 3, 2017 — and he shows no signs of slowing down. That makes people jealous — and attracts all kinds of haters. Brady has said he wants to play until he’s 45, and at this rate he’ll likely achieve that goal.

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16. The FBI had to find his stolen jerseys

Kraft was just a tiny bit dramatic. | Jim Rogash/Getty Images

When Tom Brady’s football jersey from Super Bowl LI went missing, the FBI got involved, according to The New York Times. A locker room video showed that the editor of a daily newspaper in Mexico City had swiped the jersey, along with another one of Brady’s from Super Bowl XLIX. When Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft said the jerseys were like priceless works of art, eyes rolled. Haters felt Brady was just a bit self-important and that the intensive search for his jersey was over the top.

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17. He declared a a city-wide holiday

He’s apparently the boss of Boston now. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Tom Brady is popular, but not so popular that he can declare a city holiday. Although Bostonians probably cheered when he declared the Super Bowl LI parade day a holiday, many thought he was a putz for doing it – as in, when did he become the boss of Boston?

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18. He has it all

Tom Brady with Gisele and his daughter

He’s just the guy you love to hate. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

So many people hate others who seem to have it all. And Brady indeed does have it all — a beautiful family, a winning career, an amazing talent, and a fantastic work ethic. If that’s not something to hate, we don’t know what is.

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