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In the heat of summer, making pizza in your own oven can be more trouble than it’s worth. No one wants a kitchen that feels like a sauna, even if it’s for the sake of cheesy, crispy pizza. Lucky for us, there is a way to take the cooking process to the backyard, by making delicious grilled pizza variations instead.

We promise, with the right pizza dough and technique, the crust won’t slip through the grilling grates, you won’t face any major mishaps, and you’ll wonder why you ever preheated your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer for pizza in the first place. The Kitchn offers a great tutorial, with everything from how to make your own pizza dough to the best techniques for grilling the pizza itself. For instance, it’s important to have all your ingredients ready to go once the grill is hot — it’s an easy but quick process from start to finish once the dough hits the heat. Another important tip, as The New York Times points out, is to be careful not to overload the crust with too many toppings. Otherwise, it will turn into a soggy mess.

Though some of the recipes we found include instructions for making your own dough, just as many sources said a store bought version will work perfectly, too. You should allow enough time for the dough to come to room temperature for optimal rolling, but all you need to do is allow it to rest on the counter for an hour after work while you take care of other things. You’ll have a delicious weeknight dinner in no time, with very minimal effort.

Of course, grilling pizzas often lead to a blurred line between true pizza and flatbreads — and many chefs will agree there can be some differences, but really not many. When it comes down to it, if the crust is crispy and the toppings are delicious, who really cares? Here are seven recipes to get your creative grilling juices flowing.

1. Spinach, Ricotta, and Feta Grilled Pizza

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Spinach, feta, and ricotta |

When it comes to grilled pizza, it’s easy to make cheeses the star of every bite. The spinach will add greens and a perfect flavor complement to the ricotta and feta, which is heaped on the grilled pizzas. The recipe, which comes from Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine, has you create mini pizzas from a pound of pizza dough — though that will be easy if you’re using a store bought version. The ricotta will supply the creamy, sauce-like component, while the spinach and feta will pair perfectly for a well-seasoned dinner. Cut them into smaller servings, and you also have the makings of a simple but fun appetizer.

2. Grilled Pizza Margherita

Margarita Flatbread Pizza

Margherita pizza |

In true Italian form, the margherita pizza is all you need for a classic, delicious meal. This can be as simple as adding fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil on top of a grilled crust, allowing the cheese to melt and bubble before serving. Other versions, like this one from Epicurious, have you make a simple but flavorful marinara, which is then topped with the cheese and basil. This recipe uses shredded mozzarella, though you’re welcome to use thin slices of the fresh version for a different texture and flavor. The bonus is that Epicurious offers detailed grilling instructions. If you’ve never grilled a pizza before, this might be the perfect recipe to start with.

3. Grilled Flatbreads with Apples, Bacon, and Onion

grilled flatbread

Grilled flatbread |

If you’re willing to put a little more effort into your dinner preparations, this flatbread/pizza option is a good one to try. The apples, bacon, and caramelized red onions work well together, completed with a Mornay sauce that doubles as the crust topping and the cheese at the same time. (A Mornay sauce is a cooking term for a white sauce that often includes Gruyère cheese.) The sauce can be made ahead of time to cut down on day-of preparations. The fresh herbs also lighten up the flavors, keeping it from becoming too densely flavored. For the full directions, make sure to check out the recipe from Bon Appétit.

4. Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

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BBQ chicken pizza |

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue chicken recipe? When it comes in pizza form, it’s even better. This recipe from Yummy Healthy Easy is perfect for quick dinners that need to please a crowd. The blogger uses a specific kind of marinated chicken breasts, which are grilled and diced before topping the pizza. However, since you add your favorite barbecue sauce to the mix, any type of chicken will work. If you use a store bought dough for this recipe, you’ll have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. Yummy, healthy, easy indeed.

5. Prosciutto, Fig, and Arugula Flatbread

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Fig and prosciutto pizza |

Prosciutto, a cured ham that’s thinly sliced, can often be served with cheeses and fruits to up the classy factor in your kitchen. In this case, it’s paired with goat cheese, figs, and arugula for a savory flatbread that’s perfect for when you’d like to bring a slice of the Mediterranean to your dinner table. This recipe from I Can Cook That also tops the entire thing with a balsamic reduction, which is easily made from reducing balsamic vinegar in a saucepan until it thickens to a syrup-like consistency. The blogger chooses to make the flatbread/pizza in the oven, but we strongly advocate for using the grill instead. Grill the flatbread on one side, then top it with the goat cheese mixture, and cover until it melts. Add the figs and prosciutto as directed, then cover again for a minute or two. With a few minor tweaks, this delicious dinner will be yours straight from the grill.

6. Grilled Pizza with Asparagus and Caramelized Onion


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Cooking Light provides the recipe for this veggie-centric pizza, topped with asparagus, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh oregano, and cheese. You’ll sauté the vegetables in a skillet before topping your pizza straight from the grill. And unlike some pizza recipes, this is one you can feel good about eating. Each serving has just 152 calories and 5.8 grams of fat. Cooking Light suggests using a store bought dough, but does recommend a fresh dough from the deli or bakery section.

7. Grilled Blackberry, Strawberry, Basil and Brie Pizza Crisps

Baked Brie with Honey

Brie |

Who says dinner gets all the pizza fun? These individually-sized pizzas from Half Baked Harvest are the perfect summer ending to any meal, and use the grill for some added texture and flavor. The recipe is simple, but the ingredients will add a bit of flair. Brie gets melted on top of the grilled crust, followed by the basil and fruit. The balsamic/honey glaze goes on top, adding a bright acidity with a touch of sweetness. These couldn’t be easier to prepare, but are sure to please your family — or guests, if you’re hosting a backyard dinner.

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