Restaurant Waitstaff Hate It When Customers Do These ‘Nice’ Things

You think you’re being nice when you help a server at a restaurant, but you really might be annoying them. That’s right. Servers can’t stand some seemingly nice acts patrons do. Ahead, see which “nice” things you should stop doing at restaurants.

Nice isn’t always nice

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There is such thing as being too nice. | Zero Creatives/iStock/Getty Images

“We love all our guests — especially the ones who go out of their way to be pleasant and helpful,” Suzanne Perry, co-owner of Datz Restaurant Group, tells Food & Wine. But being too nice can get annoying. “Sometimes a kind and helpful guest can be a server’s nightmare,” she adds.

So what should you stop doing at restaurants? Read on to find out.

Hint: Don’t do a server’s job.

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