From Doughnuts to Tacos, These Tattoos Take the Love of Food to the Next Level

Plenty of folks wear their heart on their sleeve, or fried chicken on their forearm or a sandwich on their shin, we suppose. Sound strange? You’d be surprised. Turns out, food tattoos are a hot trend, and they’re probably here to stay. Interested in seeing what’s out there? So were we.

Naturally, we took to one of the most entertaining Instagram accounts we could find, which has no shortage of over-the-top food tattoo gems. Our next step was obvious: Feature the most comical ink for all to enjoy. You’re welcome.

1. Mozzarella sticks

Seriously though, who doesn’t love fried cheese? One look at this person’s display of tasty mozzarella sticks, and we’re all salivating for the bar food favorite. And they even remembered the dipping sauce. Classy move.

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2. Doughnut

Who needs elbow patches when you could have a doughnut? Certainly not this pastry-loving individual, that’s for sure. And one more thing that’s for sure? This colorful design would even impress Homer Simpson, so there’s that to be proud of.

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3. Happy naked man on fried chicken

Here we have a “big boy who loves Sriracha and Fried Chicken!” Would anyone be able to look at this without at least cracking a smile? We don’t think so. Just look at how elated the big guy is to be pouring hot sauce all over his favorite fried food staple. It’s a match made in foodie heaven.

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4. Hot sauce bottle

While we’re on the subject of everyone’s favorite condiment, here’s another dude whose dedication to hot sauce is completely next level. Total hipster move? Perhaps. Free advertisement for the Tabasco brand? Most definitely.

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5. Macaroni noodle

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. That’s the name of the game for this person. Sporting a single, slightly scary noodle with the caption “Mac Is Life” conveys one thing, and one thing only, and that’s a true love of macaroni and cheese. But hey, no judgement here.

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6. Crinkle fries

Do crinkle fries remind anyone else of trips to the beach when you were younger? If so, we’re right there with you. And this person agrees. This boardwalk staple perfectly depicts a more carefree time, and who wouldn’t love that?

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7. Burger King crown

Who loves McDonald’s? Not this guy, that’s for sure. This time, it’s the King who takes the cake, with an over-the-top, colorful depiction of the fast food chain’s most famous menu item, the Whopper. And naturally, there’s a BK crown to match, too.

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8. Taco with praying hands

In taco we trust? We’re not 100% sure what the exact inspiration was here, but that’s the first thought that came to our mind. Perhaps this taco aficionado also happens to be deeply religious. Whatever the case, we respect it.

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9. Guy Fieri

Although it’s not a food tattoo per se, we had to include this one. Because, Guy Fieri. And for this super fan, Flavortown isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a term worthy enough to deserve body part real estate.

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10. Whole chicken

This person isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, which apparently equates to “Going Full Bird.” Perhaps a culinary whiz is behind this one, or maybe your average joe who just really, really digs a solid piece of juicy chicken. Whatever the case, it definitely doesn’t lack originality, that’s for sure.

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11. Waffle Fries (in writing)

We can’t help but appreciate this guy’s very literal love of waffle fries, because it’s amazing. The heck with sporting an actual picture of them. With this cleverly obvious display of ink, there’s no question what this dude’s favorite food is.

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12. Sandwich (imparted with world of wisdom)

This image of a sandwich oozing goodness makes us want to run to the kitchen and pump out our best grilled cheese ever. Not only does this tattoo successfully convey the love of a good sandwich, but it offers up a simple, yet wise call to action for us all: Enjoy every sandwich.

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13. Glass of OJ with pulp

Orange juice without pulp? You must be crazy! Or, at least that’s what this girl thinks. In fact, this citrus-loving gal has such an appreciation for the stuff, she was moved to permanently proclaim her pulp-infused passion.

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14. Pies (with words of wisdom)

Like dessert? Sweet, then this one’s for you. Or, these two are for you, shall we say. If there’s ever been a time to heed the knowledgeable advice offered by a stranger’s tattoo, it’s this: “If you are going to bake a pie, bake two.” It’s just simple logic.

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15. Hot dog in a taco

Last but not least, food tattoo, Cheat Sheet edition. | Amanda Harding/The Cheat Sheet

This company favorite gets standout praise because, well, it just so happens to belong to someone very close to us. And yes, they know about this. After all, isn’t unconditional love — regardless of tattoo choice — the foundation of any good relationship? Perhaps the ultimate sign of a solid couple is that they go together like a hot dog and a taco. Or, maybe not.

So, tell us, is there anything you’re so in love with that you’d commit to getting it inked on your body? Food for thought here, people.

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