Which Royal Residences Will Donald Trump Get to See When He Meets Queen Elizabeth II?

After Donald Trump canceled a planned visit to the U.K. in February, many people wondered whether he’d ever get to meet Queen Elizabeth II. The legendary monarch has met with almost every American president elected since her coronation in 1952. There’s been just one exception: Lyndon B. Johnson. But royal-family-loving Americans everywhere were starting to worry that the queen might not put up with a visit from the controversial president.

However, rumor has it that Donald Trump is planning to visit Great Britain and finally meet the queen mid-July. If that visit does happen — fingers crossed! — Queen Elizabeth II is likely to host him at one of the royal family’s many residences or estates. Curious which ones Trump might get to see (and size up as compared to his own Mar-a-Lago estate)? Read on for the most likely contenders.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The most obvious possibility for the royal residence where Queen Elizabeth II could host Donald Trump? Buckingham Palace. The BBC reports that the two are likely to meet either at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. In the past, the queen has hosted several presidents at Buckingham Palace. John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy — whom the queen reportedly disliked — visited the palace in 1961. Richard Nixon also met the queen at Buckingham Palace, as did Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton (who drank coffee during a “tea” with the queen).

Windsor Castle

The Business Standard notes that speculation over whether Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth II this summer has continued to mount. But signs seem to be pointing to yes, at least for now. It came to light that Windsor Castle could close to the public on the day of his visit to Britain. So the two might meet at this royal residence, the venue of the royal wedding that Trump was not invited to attend. Ronald Reagan and his wife became the first U.S. family to stay as overnight guests at Windsor Castle, where the president and the queen featured in iconic photos as they rode horses together.


Balmoral Castle in Scotland

Balmoral Castle | Andrew Milligan/AFP/Getty Images

The Royal Borough Observer reports that the president could plan to meet Queen Elizabeth II even farther afield from London, especially if he wants to avoid protesters. Some have suggested that Trump should focus his visit to the U.K. on his “ancestral home” of Scotland and meet the queen at Balmoral. As The Independent reported in early 2017, a source said that Trump wanted to play golf with Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral. Dwight Eisenhower, the first sitting president to visit Queen Elizabeth II during her reign, met with her at Balmoral.

Blenheim Palace

The Independent reported in 2017 that when asked for suggestions for a venue for a meeting between Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II, the Trump administration floated the idea of dinner at Blenheim Palace. Even avid fans of the British royal family probably don’t hear about this not-technically-royal residence as much as they hear about Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace. But Trump likely knows it for one of its past occupants. Blenheim has served as the home of many successive Dukes of Marlborough. And it was once the home of Winston Churchill. In 1987, Blenheim Palace became a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 12th Duke of Marlborough and his family still live at the palace.

Bonus: Westminster Hall

Westminster Hall isn’t a royal residence, or even a residence at all. But Express reported early in 2017 that the Trump administration had suggested that the president could address both Houses of Parliament at Westminster Hall during his visit to Britain. Westminster Hall is the oldest building on the Parliamentary Estate. As Parliament’s website explains, the building has been “closely involved in the life of the nation since the 11th century,” which makes it one of the most historic buildings that Trump could visit with Queen Elizabeth II.

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