Scientists Found a Prehistoric Weed Stash in an Ancient Grave


An archaeological dig in the ancient city of Turpan, China has turned up a pretty interesting find – the grave holding an adult male with caucasian features was also home to 13 cannabis plants almost three feet in length that were buried with him while fresh.

The man was laid to rest on a wooden bed in the grave, and his head was supported by a reed pillow. The marijuana plants were laid across his body as though they were an offering. The team that dug him up were able to determine that the plants were locally sourced, considering they were fresh when placed on his body.

The grave appears to be 2,400 to 2,800 years old. Scientists were also able to determine from the plants that the man was buried in late summer.

Check out the next page for images of the plants from the dig.

Here are the plants as found, laying on the buried’s skeleton:


The plants after having been exhumed:


And a close up of the cannabis plants: