Secret Illuminati Headquarters May Be Right Under Your Nose in These American Cities

The Illuminati is a secret, centuries-old society that controls the entire world, or so the story goes. Members are said to be political and corporate leaders as well as entertainers. Speculation has it members include Jay-Z (see page 5), Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and even Pope Francis and President Donald Trump.

Where would such a group, also called the New World Order, meet to plot world domination? It could be right under your nose. Here are 15 spots in America that are likely Illuminati headquarters, theorists say. You won’t believe which random Midwestern town just might be the organization’s epicenter (page 9).

1. Disney World

Walt Disney World Resort marked its 45th anniversary

Apparently the happiest place on earth may also be home to the Illuminati. | David Roark/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

  • Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

While Disney World is crawling with happy families, it has a dark side: Secret tunnels and alleged Illuminati-controlled human programming rooms, if you believe the Internet. Epcot’s golf ball-enclosed “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” is “an extension of the massive mind-control being carried out at Disney World,” per an essay called “The Disney Bloodline.”

Mysteriously or not, the web page featuring the essay has been removed, and the author’s claims were never verified.

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2. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was built by Freemasons. | Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images

  • Location: New York City

Possibly the most recognized symbol of freedom in the world, the Statue of Liberty was designed and built by Freemasons and gifted to the United States. Lady Liberty’s origins led conspiracy theorists to believe she is one of the country’s many Illuminati headquarters. Her base is star-shaped with 11 points; and (ready for it?) the Illuminati have a penchant for the number 11.

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3. Mormon temple

Mormons Temple in Salt Lake City, UT

It certainly looks the part. | AndreyKrav/iStock/Getty Images

  • Location: Salt Lake City

To anyone who believes in the Illuminati (or even the possibility of them), this structure might just be the group’s most obvious meeting location. Its Freemason all-seeing eye, tall steeples, Gothic-inspired façade, and ominous lighting all point to the presence of evil masterminds out to control the world.

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4. Illuminati Dance Club

Illuminati One american dollar

The dance club is now closed. | szgaga/iStock/Getty Images

  • Location: Chicago

With a name like that, it doesn’t get any more obvious than this nightclub in the heart of Chicago’s north side. “Experience a Nightclub unlike any other in Chicago! You will remember the night you experienced Illuminati,” one description read. Truly, indeed.

Alas, as many such establishments come and go, the Illuminati Dance Club is no more. Maybe the masterminds in charge felt this all was just a little too obvious?

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5. Jay-Z’s Roc Nation headquarters

Jay Z poses on the red carpet in a dark suit.

He fed into the rumors. | Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

  • Location: New York City

While rappers frequently address the Illuminati in their music, one person said to be involved above all others is Jay-Z. He actually fed into rumors when asked about it in a 2010 interview: “It’s a secret society that everyone knows about,” he said, laughing.

And the rap mogul’s sports agency would make for the perfect Illuminati headquarters. Situated in Times Square, it’s been described as mysterious by The Washington Post. There’s a lot no one on the outside really knows about the company. Hmm…

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6. The Pentagon

Some believe the entire government is run by the Illuminati. | Digital Vision/iStock/Getty Images

  • Location: Washington, D.C.

Many a conspiracy theorist has called the U.S. government an elaborate Illuminati front. If that were to be true, an obvious home base for this secret society is the Pentagon. Some point out the mysterious five-sided building is in the shape of an occult symbol. And the Pentagon’s eerie $22 million UFO program just adds more fuel to the fire.

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7. The White House

White House

If the Pentagon is an Illuminati headquarters, maybe the White House is too. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • Location: Washington, D.C.

It’s not a far leap from the Pentagon to the White House — also the target of Illuminati theories. The streets of the U.S. capital form an inverted pentagram that points directly to the White House. Random coincidence or masterful evil planning?

The pentagram also intersects with various other landmarks. But occult planning aside, anyone fighting their way through D.C. traffic in the summertime has actually compared the environment to hell on earth.

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8. Area 51

Area 51 no entry warning sign

Conspiracy theorists love to speculate about Area 51. | Tim1337/Wikimedia Commons

  • Location: Lincoln County, Nevada

Area 51 houses UFOs and space creatures collected over the years, according to conspiracy theorists. Scientists there are busy reverse-engineering the spaceships’ futuristic technology and conducting lab tests on aliens, speculation says.

But since no one knows what really goes on there, is it too much to suggest it’s where evil masterminds gather to plot world domination over coffee?

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9. Sandusky, Ohio

Sandusky, Ohio aerial photo

The city’s streets form the shape of the Illuminati seal. | Ken Winters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Wikimedia Commons

As random as it sounds, Sandusky, Ohio, might be the real epicenter the New World Order. The city’s streets align to form the shape of the Illuminati seal, according to French cartographer Jacques Itche.

This is thanks to some diagonal streets that make up the otherwise standard grid. Why else would a city add otherwise useless streets? It all seems painfully obvious now.

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10. Independence Hall

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

It may be more than it seems. | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

  • Location: Philadelphia

Tourists flock to the iconic Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were born. But as the movie National Treasure suggests, perhaps many a sinister conspiracy has also been born there.

Theorists have associated the landmark with Freemasons, known for their dark, deceptive practices — similar to Illuminati. So we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a popular hotspot for New World Order bigwigs as well.

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11. Underneath Brooklyn, New York

DUMBO Brooklyn view of bridge

There may be something going on under your feet. | Moussa81/iStock/Getty Images

Far beneath the streets of New York is a labyrinth of hidden tunnels that are the stuff of legend. Crypts hidden deep under St. Patrick’s Cathedral harbor remains of the dead. In the 1800s, workers took cows through the underground passageways on the way to slaughterhouses.

Much of these now-lonely tunnels are tucked away from people’s access — unless you’re Illuminati, maybe? What secretive, powerful group wouldn’t want to meet deep underground, out of sight?

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12. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

There are secret tunnels underneath airport. | arinahabich/ Getty Images

  • Location: Denver

Denver International Airport just might be the ultimate Illuminati headquarters. Some say clues are everywhere: From above, the runways resemble the shape of a swastika. From below, secret tunnels stretch for miles.

On the main level, murals depict the end of the world, while gargoyles adorn the walls. Perhaps the most terrifying element is 32-foot tall, menacing blue horse statue nicknamed “Bluficer” with glowing eyes that killed its creator when it fell on him.

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13. Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones

The reason behind the slabs is a mystery. | Dina Eric/Wikimedia Commons

  • Location: Near Elberton, Georgia

A field in rural Georgia turned into a tourist attraction when six granite slabs were installed in 1980, inscribed with 10 guidelines written in eight languages. They read as follows:

  • Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  • Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  • Unite humanity with a living new language.
  • Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  • Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  • Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  • Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  • Balance personal rights with social duties.
  • Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  • Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Other than the artist listed as “R.C. Christian,” who funded the project and why is a mystery. Is it a warning — or worse — a threat from the Illuminati?

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14. The Tomb at Yale University

Skull and bones tomb yale

The headquarters of the Skull and Bones society in New Haven. | Wikimedia Commons

  • Location: New Haven, Connecticut

The Tomb is headquarters for the secretive Skull and Bones society of Yale University. Members founded the society in 1856 when construction of The Tomb began. Now it consists of two medieval towers and a courtyard. It’s said to hold the remains of Apache warrior Geronimo, who died more than 100 years ago. It’s also a secret Illuminati meeting place, reports say.

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15. Washington Monument

Washington DC, USA skyline

The architect was reportedly an Illuminati member. | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

  • Location: Washington D.C.

Architect Pierre L’Enfant, who designed much of Washington D.C., was reportedly an Illuminati member. We’ve already mentioned theories surrounding the White House and Pentagon. Well, L’Enfant supposedly designed the Washington Monument using ancient Egyptian technology to protect the city from being destroyed by things like bad weather.

The monument is the tallest obelisk in the world. Obelisks are traditionally erected in places of financial, spiritual, or political power.

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