8 Secret Rules That All Disney Park Character Actors Have to Follow

Getting to play dress up for work would be a dream come true for some, especially if they got to play a character at the Happiest Place on Earth. But working as a Disney park character comes with a strict set of rules and guidelines, and it’s very important to the company that they’re followed.

Disney parks have their own personal secrets, and that includes secret rules all character actors must follow. And some of them might surprise you.

 They are all cast members

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First, whether or not you’re a character actor, you’re called a cast member when you work for Disney. This attitude dates all the way back to Walt Disney himself, who wanted to create a truly magical experience for everyone involved.

Never break character

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Each Disney character has his or her own unique voice, personality, and background story, and each actor is instructed never to deviate from the role they are playing. Each actor is expected to know their role inside and out.

Autographs must be identical

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Each character has a specific way of signing autographs. Since they must be identical, each actor is trained in how to sign so that they stay consistent.

You must be this tall to play this role

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Many of the characters have height requirements. For example, to play a princess, you must be between 5’4″ and 5’8″.

 Nails need to stay trimmed

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Even the nails of the character actors are carefully monitored. Men’s nails can’t go past the fingertip, while women’s fingernails can’t exceed a quarter of an inch past the fingertip. Nail polish isn’t allowed.

Body art must stay hidden

For the sake of consistency and keeping in character, visible tattoos, tongue piercings, and ear gauges are not allowed. This goes for all cast members.

No frowning

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Disney characters must always turn their frowns upside down. Because Disney parks are meant to be places of happiness, frowning is forbidden.

Even princesses pick up trash

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At Disney parks, all cast members must throw away any trash they see on the ground. And they can’t just toss it casually, either — they’re required to throw things away in a graceful sweeping motion.

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