15 Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You to Know

2. There could be a body under your bed

hotel room with mesy bed

The “body under the bed” isn’t just an urban legend. | iStock.com

The “body under the bed” is one of those urban legends that is actually rooted in fact. Although it’s not a common occurrence, some hotels guests have discovered they’re sharing their room with a corpse. It happened in both Mexico City and Thailand in 2016. Similar incidents have been reported in Kansas City, Atlantic City, Memphis, and Miami, according to Snopes. Often, the body isn’t discovered until guests complain of a foul odor in the room.

Finding human remains is a worst-case scenario. But even if there are no homicide victims stashed under the mattress, the room could have been the site of other unpleasantness. Suicides, murders, assaults, and natural deaths all occur in both high- and low-end properties. The hotel will clean up afterward, but it’s not going to stop renting the room. If the death is notorious (such as a celebrity overdose), the hotel might go so far as to renumber rooms to discourage ghoulish fans who want to see where a famous person spent their last moments.

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