See What Your Defining Personality Trait Is, According to Your Birthstone


Many people rely on their horoscope to give them information about both themselves and their fate, but far fewer use their birthstones, which work in a very similar way. For those that don’t know – every month has its own birthstone, and every stone has personality traits associated with it, both dominant ones and less noticeable ones. Check out the birthstones of you, your friends, and family. Then see if the characteristics in the stones match their (or your) personality!

January – Garnet: Loyalty


The red stone symbolizes dedication to family and friends. They tend to be extremely dependable and reliable.

February – Amethyst: Courage


As many know, purple is the color of royalty. As such, this birthstone carries a trait of hallmark and nobility – courage. They’re also defined by a strong moral code.

March – Aquamarine: Creativity


It’s a nautical stone, which exudes peacefulness and serenity, which both enhance creativity. They also tend to be overrun with feelings.

April – Diamond: Passion


It makes sense that such a hard birthstone would have such a fiery trait associated with it. These people get angry quickly, but also carry loyalty and love with them.

May – Emerald: Intuition


This stone carries with it profound feelings of empathy and intuition. They always are mindful of how they affect others and rely on their gut instinct more than analysis.

June – Pearl: Romance


The pearl represents people’s softer side as both daydreamers and romantics. Of course, this can manifest as drama as well if it’s left unchecked.

July – Ruby: Charisma


Rubies are indicative of power, but not through brute force, rather by charm. This charisma also means that they aren’t followers, but leaders.

August – Peridot: Entertainment


August babies value putting people at ease and making people laugh. With this desire comes a magnetism that often commands the attention of a room.

September – Sapphire: Wisdom


While sapphires indicate wisdom that often exceeds that of other people, it also means that feelings sometimes get thrown by the wayside (both yours and the feelings of others) in the name of pragmatism.

October – Opal: Balance


While “balance” might not be the most exciting trait, with it comes optimism and a calm temperament. These people are also beholden to just actions and keep the peace.

November – Topaz: Intellect


Not only are people with topaz birthstones intellectual, but they’re also prone to taking on adventures. If someone’s going to convince the group to try a new thing, it will be a topaz.

December – Turquoise: Ambition


Don’t stand in the way of this person and their goals. They are demanding of themselves and resilient until they achieve their dreams. This can cause them to seem cold at times, but it’s just their nature. It’s not personal.